Is gneiss flooring easy to maintain?

Polygonal gneiss tiles or right-sized slabs are an increasingly common choice for flooring, at home and in the yard. The beauty of the gneiss, extracted in the region of Ivaylovgrad, is one of the main reasons. Both colors, golden beige and silver gray, are universal and fit into any interior or exterior. Gneiss is also a solid material that is not damaged even in bad weather conditions and extreme temperatures. Here we will look at another advantage of gneiss flooring from Ivaylovgrad – their easy maintenance.


поддръжка на настилка от гнайс


Flooring of polygonal slabs, cut stone and pavers

The gneiss offered by Valmarg Stone, will decorate your home and yard if you choose polygonal tiles with an irregular shape. This way you will recreate the ancient pavements in the Bulgarian yards. Arranging requires more time and adjustment, but it’s worth the effort.

For easier stacking, choose cut gneiss stone. Their width is 10, 15, 20, 25 or 30 cm, and their length is free.

Gneiss pavers are very suitable for exterior flooring, as well as for curbs on interior flooring and for figures in the flooring. You have a choice of classic pavers or antique-style pavers with rounded edges.


Паветата от гнайс


Gneiss is extremely strong and cold-resistant

The easy maintenance of gneiss pavements is due to the exceptional strength and cold resistance of the material. You can build outdoor pavements – paths, playgrounds, parking and others that will remain beautiful and healthy for decades. The strength of the material guarantees the strength of the gneiss over time. Frost resistance of gneiss is also a very important quality that guarantees resistance during frosty winters.


Low porosity of gneiss

Gneiss remains extremely strong over time, because it has low porosity also. Water does not penetrate inside the material, which means that there is no risk of damaging its integrity when penetrated water freezes.


Easy to clean

Cleaning gneiss flooring is very easy, especially if after laying the flooring is covered with an impregnating layer.

The regular floor cleaning and the removal of dust and dirt is easy and further contributes to their durability. A mop or soft cloth or brush should be used for cleaning, or wiped with a damp cloth if the flooring is internal. Exterior flooring should be washed regularly with water.


почистване на гнайсови настилки


Gneiss cleaners

Look in stores for special detergents suitable for cleaning gneiss. When using them, follow the instructions on the package exactly.

The preparation is usually applied carefully or rubbed in and left to act for a certain time. The flooring is then dried with a towel or washed.


If you need to remove a stain from the flooring

If you drip grease on the pavement of Ivaylovgrad gneiss and a stain forms, clean it with a solution of baking soda and water. Then wipe.


Impregnation of gneiss flooring

Impregnation is a specific activity. It is preferable to assign it to specialists. Proper impregnation preserves the flooring and facilitates its maintenance.

As before the first impregnation, when renewing the impregnating layer, the flooring must be thoroughly cleaned. It is preferable to wash.

The first impregnation should be carried out at least four weeks after the laying of the Ivaylovgrad gneiss stone pavement. Waiting is necessary for the moisture from the material to evaporate.