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  • We offer the hardest high-quality gneiss from Ivaylovgrad that you can find on the market
  • We offer correct services and we are directly engaged in the execution of the order
  • The price of the stone we offer is lower than the price offered by the distributors in the country
  • You can choose among a wide variety of cladding materials
  • You can follow and control the processes of execution and delivery of the order in person
  • You get exactly as much material as you have ordered without any low-quality slates added to the pallets
  • We offer the possibility of feedback and assistance in case of any problems or in case you need expert help
  • You can rely on a long-term partnership
  • We support the successful realization of your projects, which is our aim

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Watch a video about the Valmarg Stone experience in extraction and processing of gneiss, sealed over the years

Twelve advantages of gneiss

As a building material, gneiss has been gathered and used since the time of antiquity. Here are some characteristics of the gneiss, offered by Valmarg Stone, that make it so desirable and preferred nowadays.

• The gneiss is an incredibly tough stone, due to the granite in its chemical composition.
• The price is low, due to the relatively high yield and easy processing.
• It is an entirely eco – friendly and natural product found in Bulgaria.
• Good looking, with a large variety of different colors and patterns, depending on your personal preferences.
• Resistant to mechanical forces and external influences.
• It has high thermal stability and is less prone to catching on fire.
• It is not prone to chemical reactions
• Resists high temperature amplitudes
• Offered in different thicknesses and sizes – can be used and combined in different kinds of finishes, flooring and decoration.
• A solution not only for the interior, but also for the exterior.
• Easy to install and treat.
• Practically eternal. It does not age and does will not lose its qualities for years.

10 reasons for choosing Ivaylovgrad gneiss

If you want to take advantage of the toughest and most durable building and facing material choose the Ivaylovgrad gneiss – the best in Bulgaria. Here are some of the reasons why it is so desirable not only here, but also abroad.

• It possesses high stress durability
• Resistant to mechanical impact
• Due it’s low thermal conductivity, it serves as a great heat insulator
• Great sound insulation
• Resistant to temperature fluctuations
• Does not erode under the influence of tough external conditions
• Impermeable by moisture
• Safe from fires, due to its fire endurance
• Very high chemical resistance
• Environmentally friendly

What is so special about this stone from Ivaylovgrad

The depth from which the stone is extracted is very important and is directly related to its toughness.
This stone, famous not only in Bulgaria, but also abroad, is gathered from the east Rhodope Mountains, which makes it resistant to external forces. It erodes very slowly compared to other stones, gathered at more shallow depths.

Facing stones, directly from the manufacturer

Valmarg treats and offers facing stones at the cost proposed by our manufacturer and also has preferential conditions for our partners.

Choosing our product is the right decision because:

  • The price is significantly lower
  • You have the ability to regulate the quality of our material
  • You have the ability to choose from a wide variety of stones
  • You can order treatment for individual sizes
  • Negotiate better discounts and deliveries for bigger, long-term projects

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