Attractive pavements with Ivaylovgrad gneiss pavers

Not only natural stone slabs are a guarantee for beautiful flooring. It is very easy to arrange paving due to their proper shape. And from the gneiss products from Valmarg Stone you, can choose from two types of pavers. Some have a standard shape and others are in antique style. Thus, depending on the style of the interior or the layout of the yard and garden, you will be able to achieve an attractive flooring with each type of pavers.  

Paving is very convenient for the porch of the house or villa.

павета от ивайловградски гнайс


Gneiss is a durable material with many advantages

Gneiss is characterized by high resistance to mechanical impacts, does not corrode when exposed to chemicals, and is also not slippery when wet. This makes it the most suitable flooring material both inside the home and in the exterior.

With gneiss flooring you will enjoy durability and unaffected appearance of the paths and platforms paved with paving stones.


настилка с паветата гнайс от Ивайловград


The pavers are of convenient size for arrangement

Gneiss pavers from Ivaylovgrad are available in length and width in three variants: 10 × 10, 12 × 12 and 15 × 15. Their thickness is according to the customer’s wishes. For exterior pavement you can order thicker pavers, especially if a heavy vehicle will pass or park on the pavement. For interior flooring, the thickness may be smaller. 

The arrangement of pavers is convenient not only in the standard scheme in rows. You can put them in a zigzag or other pattern. You can combine the two colors – golden beige and silver gray – to form shapes.

The presence of other stone products in Ivaylovgrad – cuttings and bones, allows them to be combined with pavers, both for figures and curbs.


What is the optimal thickness for exterior paving

The external paving is laid on a sand base. A thickness of a little more than 3 cm is usually sufficient. Here we will emphasize another advantage of gneiss pavers. In comparison, concrete pavers must be at least 6.5 cm thick. Of course, for greater solidity and stability of the pavement it is good to bet on a thickness of at least 5 cm.



камък Ивайловград


Additional surface treatment of the pavers

You can order additional processing of the pavers, or part of them, to shape a certain figure. Contact the specialists from Valmarg Stone to offer you options. One of the common choices is “aging”. It will go well with a yard in a traditional style, with an antique-looking fountain or well. 


чукан гнайс


Order large pavers for curbs

One of the options borrowed from the old curbs in European countries is called “Belgian blocks”. These blocks are large “pavers” with dimensions of about 8 to 10 cm. From the range of Valmarg Stone suitable pavers with dimensions of 10 x 10, and if you decide that you prefer a border of larger pavers, choose those with dimensions of 12 x 12 or 15 x 15.

With pavers you can form curbs of cement paths in the yard, as a cheaper option, instead of building a path paved entirely of gneiss pavers.

The pavements of Ivaylovgrad gneiss bring beauty to the home and the yard. Choose your option for beautiful stone flooring in one of the two colors, or combine the pavers in both colors in an attractive combination.