Cut gneiss stone

Where you can use natural cut stone

The beauty of the natural stone material and its strength make it a preferred material in shaping the exterior and interior. The cut stone slabs are easy to arrange, as they are in right shape. This will make it easier for you to choose this cladding material and to use it for flooring. If you […]

Anti-slip flooring with Ivaylovgrad cut stone

Natural stone flooring is increasingly preferred. There are many reasons for this: they are durable the flooring is easy to lay have a low degree of water absorption the surface is not slippery when wet withstand extreme temperatures enjoy natural beauty in the long run they turn out to be a cheaper option. The cut […]

Why choose a gneiss stone

Natural stone is already permanently present in the interior and exterior. It is combined with another predominantly natural material in the home – wood, to create an atmosphere that radiates the cozy, predisposing radiation of natural materials. Gneiss by Valmarg Stone is an attractive material, in two colors – silver-gray and golden- white, suitable for combination in any home. In addition to beauty, gneiss has […]

Cut gneiss stone for kitchen or hallway flooring

Stone flooring is especially suitable for hallways and the kitchen – since they are used constantly and need to require little maintenance. Gneiss flooring can ensure this type of comfort. It will also ensure that these premises look even more beautiful. This beauty is the key to creating a unique style and coziness of your […]

Cut stone for wall cladding and for insulation improvement

Proper insulation is one of the best methods for ensuring that our home has optimal temperature levels. A well-insulated home is cool in the summer and warm in the winter. It also helps save power and lowers the bills for heating and air conditioning. Apart from installing internal insulation it is recommended that you add external […]

Uses of the natural cut stones

If you want to add a more natural look and feel to your home or garden, the natural stone is irreplaceable. It is universal and can be used everywhere, and also it comes in different shapes and sizes. Different shapes of natural stones Natural – polygonal Cut stone Cuttings from gneiss Stone cuttings Masonry Paving […]

Facings with cut stones from Ivaylovgrad

make facing with stone a wall

If you have decided to make facing with stone a wall, staircase, columns, fireplaces or other parts of the interior or the exterior of your home, your best choice would be cut stone from Ivaylovgrad – due to its excellent physical and mechanical properties of strength and durability, which are the biggest advantages of  Ivaylovgrad’s […]