Practical advice

Stone paths in the garden or backyard – convenience and charm combined

The pathways in your garden or yard are not only convenient for getting around and walking to the different parts of your outdoor space for some nice relaxation, but can be turned into a centerpiece of your outdoor area design as well and add an authentic vintage charm to it. You can choose to use […]

Ten Stone Landscape Ideas for Your Garden

Waterfall from Stones in the Garden: In our opinion, using large pieces of unshaped stones to create a decorative waterfall adds to its aesthetic appearance and makes the garden more charming. The most suitable stones for this purpose are masonry stones in combination with large round river stones. When you add in green vegetation, the […]

Practical Advices for the Creation of Backyard Flooring

Anyone looking for options for installation of flooring in the yard would want it to be: beautiful, durable, easy to clean and maintain, and if possible – cheap. When deciding how to choose, please, have in mind the following: Gravel is a cheap option, but to be suitable, a pad should be placed Furthermore, after […]