Facing stones

How to maintain a stone cladding of gneiss

Not only the strength but also the attractiveness of the natural stone from Ivaylovgrad – gneiss, make it preferred for wall cladding, both interior and exterior. Gneiss is suitable for any room, starting from the living room and ending with the bathroom, in which it is especially attractive to combine the wall cladding with gneiss […]

Which material is most suitable for cladding the foundation of the house

The foundation of the house ensures its stability and durability. The cladding protects the foundation, so it is important that it is resistant to all influences. Particularly strong are the influences of the environment – weather and pollution. Extreme temperatures easily cause cracks in poor quality materials. Contamination also leads to damage – cracks, notches. It is […]

Criteria for choosing a material for wall plinth cladding

When we have to choose a cladding material, we must comply with several factors. Of course, the first is the price. But in addition to it, we must take into account the strength and durability of the cladding material, especially when lining a wall plinth. Also it is important how easy it is to clean. Strength and resilience […]

A living room with stone revetment in rustique style

The nostalgy of the country life from the past, with the peacefulness, the healthy food and the communication with the nature makes a lot of people bring in their homes elements, reminding them of the country way of life. Not only the villa or the house in the village can be formed with spirit. Even […]

Home wine cellars with pavement and faced walls from gneiss

Not only the connoseurs of good wines, but also everyone that appreciates the good advantages of the home wine or the boutique wine from the stores, knows how important it is for the wine to be preserved in the right conditions. Only then it manages to keep it‘s qualities and taste. That‘s why the number […]

Outdoor stair stone cladding

Concrete stairs are boring and not too attractive. They play an important role for getting you to your home, but why not make them look prettier? This is not such a difficult task. Nature has provided us with natural stone which is beautiful and durable. With the help of Valmarg Stone, this natural stone will […]

Installing facing stones on a wall

Cladding walls with natural stone will help transform them from ordinary elements of your interior or exterior into beautiful decorations carrying the charm of the natural stone. Stones from Valmarg Stone for wall cladding Take advantage of the beautiful natural stone from Ivaylovgrad offered by Valmarg Stone. Choose polygonal slates with natural forms which will help you […]

If you want your bathroom to be special – use gneiss

The bathroom is in need of some added beauty and coziness, just like every other room in the house. If you are planning a renovation or construction of a new bathroom, you should take into consideration using gneiss from Valmarg Stone for your project.   Benefits of the gneiss from Ivaylovgrad The gneiss from Ivaylovgrad which […]

20 original ideas for using decorative stones for your walls

The decorative natural stones are becoming more and more popular for wall cladding, because of their natural charm and the effect which the natural stone has on transforming an entire room and the entire interior. The natural stone offered by Valmarg Stone is a universal solution for the decorative cladding of walls. Apart from the polygonal […]

Combining wood and stone in the interior

People are turning to the use of natural materials driven by the need for a stronger connection with nature and all that is natural. Natural materials help strengthen that connection we all need in order to stay natural and fresh in our everyday lives. Here are some ideas by Valmarg Stone for combining wood and […]

Wall cladding with glitz wallstones (bones)

With the growing popularity of the rustic style both for interior and for exterior design, there are growing numbers of people who use the so-called glitz masonry for their wall facings. If you decide to redesign the modern look of your walls indoors or outside, the use of rocks or glitz masonry for the facing […]

Stones for the Construction of Fences

Natural stones like gneiss are used for cladding of buildings, fences, swimming pools, fireplaces, wells, columns – for both external and internal decoration. The main criterion in regards to choosing the right stone is its purpose. Natural stones have different applications depending on their characteristics. Finishes, used to cover outdoor facades or fences should be […]

Gluing and grouting natural stone

If you decide to install a natural stone flooring, it is best if you use gneiss. Stones from Ivaylovgrad are of superior quality. That way, you will create the most beautiful and durable piece of art. Standard products and technology for laying, however, are not compatible with natural stone. Methods of affixing of gneiss plates: […]

Exterior Cladding of a House

You have decided it is the right time to clad the exterior of your house, but you have not yet made your choice? Well, here we present to you few lining possibilities, their application and value.   Decorative Gypsum Plaster That is one of the most common mastics used – however, the wall should be […]

How to Place Stone Cladding

If you decide to place stone tiles on the façade of your home, it’s essential to know that the preparatory work is very important for the final result. If not done properly, the final result can be levered plates, crumbling fugues, etc. In the beginning, you place the insulation and then, later, you add the […]

The natural stones in construction

In the past, the large buildings were always built with stones. Their walls were extremely strong and think. Later, the constructions started to be erected with other materials, such as cement and steel, which changed the role of the natural stones in the construction. Nowadays, along with the massive stones, used in construction, wide application […]

Stone Cladding in the Interior

декорация с облицовъчни камъни

Nowadays more and more people are using natural stones in the interior of their homes. Natural stones can be used for various purposes – flooring, wall cladding, columns, bathroom and kitchen counters, doorways, fireplaces, as well as various decorative elements and panels. Hallway Stone cladding in the hallway is used mainly for the walls and […]

Sealing of Stone Cladding

Natural stone cladding and gneiss in particular is used for various purposes: for exterior and interior walls, for fireplaces, columns, fences, chimneys, etc. It has become very popular recently and many people decide to do the installation on their own. That is not an impossible task, but very often in such cases people forget something […]

Important Things One Should Know About Stone Cladding

Uses Stone cladding is very useful when building fireplaces, columns, interior and exterior walls, pavement, etc. Stone cladding is used as decoration or for insulation. It is extremely useful for hotter places, because of the coolness it offers in summer. Usually an additional layer is installed for insulation against the cold in winter. Natural stone […]

Stone Facing Installation on a Facade

For the better protection of a facade it is always recommendable that you use stone cladding. Natural stone cladding, for instance gneiss stone cladding, has the advantage that it makes the wall stronger and more beautiful at the same time. Installation of stone cladding is a process, comprising several stages, which will be discussed in […]

Use Stone Cladding to Make Your Home Beautiful and Cosy

Original decisions in interior and exterior design bring freshness and harmony to our homes in a unique way. Even the smallest detail, when carefully planned, contributes to the overall aesthetic design and uniqueness of the setting. Gneiss stone cladding can have an impressive effect and can change the overall atmosphere of the room. Natural stone […]