Paving stones

Maintenance of the exterior flooring of natural stone in winter

How to maintain natural stone flooring in winter – this is a question to which we are looking for an answer even before the freezing temperatures. We must be prepared with preliminary measures, as well as with preparations to preserve the beauty of the external natural stone flooring.     Experts will advise you to […]

Floors with natural stone for heavy loads – parking lots and garages

Parking lots and garages need strong pavements that can withstand heavy loads. Artificial materials for heavy-duty flooring are available on the market, but they cannot be compared to the qualities of natural materials such as gneiss from Valmarg Stone. Choose this flooring material for your garage or parking lot and in addition to great durability […]

Is gneiss flooring easy to maintain?

Polygonal gneiss tiles or right-sized slabs are an increasingly common choice for flooring, at home and in the yard. The beauty of the gneiss, extracted in the region of Ivaylovgrad, is one of the main reasons. Both colors, golden beige and silver gray, are universal and fit into any interior or exterior. Gneiss is also […]

Bonding a flooring of natural stone slabs

Natural stone flooring is beautiful and durable. The qualities of the natural gneiss from Ivaylovgrad make it a preferred material for beautiful flooring in the yard and in the interior.        Special requirements for working with natural stone slabs When laying natural stone flooring, standard working methods as well as standard products are not suitable. Later in this material we […]

Stone paths with grass joint

Inspired by the traditional layout of the yards, more and more owners of houses with yards choose the paths of stone slabs, attractively outlined by a grass joint. These paths are much more beautiful than concrete ones because of the natural stone used. The additional framing with grass merges the exterior with the natural surroundings. Such paths are easy […]

How to grout natural stone flooring

The natural stone flooring contributes to a beautiful look both in the interior and outside – on the porch or in the yard. The attractive appearance of natural stone slabs and the durability of this material to weather conditions and the daily passage of it are advantages that attract many people turning to natural materials for furnishing and decorating […]

Cement-based stone path

The yard is not completely landscaped without paths. It is important that they are solid, so that they can be passed easily in heavy rain also, and after it. In order to obtain strong foundations for the pathways, a cement base must be used. And in order for the path to look beautiful, natural stone pavement must be laid on […]

Advantages of gneiss pavement flooring

The pavements are small in size compared to the flooring plates and have the correct shape unlike the large polygonal gneiss slabs. Therefore, they are preferred for pavement floors, yards, watercourse and canals, as well as curbs and canals. They are easy to arrange due to their small size and proper shape. They are laid […]

What stones shall we choose for pavement – cut or polygonal paving stones?

The pavement is not only convenient for maintenance at home, but also a cover on the pathway or ground outside. It must be tough and easy for maintenance. A popular choice is the natural stone, and what is even better – gneiss stones. That’s why we recommend the gneiss products of Valmarg Stone.     […]

How to make a long-lasting natural stone

Natural stone is not only beautiful but is also a long-lasting material. The gneiss offered by Valmarg Stone, provides an attractive vision combined with high quality. No matter whether you choose to use pavement or tiles for your natural stone flooring, you need to make sure that you prepare the base under it beforehand. A suitable […]