Building stone

A gneiss masonry stone retaining wall for a terraced patio

Many homes and their outdoor areas are located on a sloping surface. This allows their owners to create special terraced areas which are not only convenient but also help strengthening the terrain with the help of stone supportive walls.     How to form terraces into gardens Terraces are convenient for creating various garden areas. […]

Masonry with gneiss stone for strong stone walls

The beauty of a mighty and strong stone wall has attracted people for centuries. The Mason workers have always been one of the most respected members of society and their work and art still stands today with all its strength and stability. If you visit the Rhodope mountains you will see all the stone houses […]

Masonry – the best stone for building

You have decided to build a wall or fence? Before choosing the perfect material for the masonry, you need to ask yourselves a few important questions if you make sure you are making the best choice.     The main questions you should ask yourself when choosing the most suitable material Which is the decisive […]