Gneiss stone in the garden

Terracing the yard with natural stone

Terracing is necessary when the plot has a slope, especially when the slope is greater. This is typical for the terrains in the mountainous areas, but it can also be found in semi-mountainous hilly areas. Terraces can help divide the yard into parts. Each part can be shaped with different flowers or different vegetables. And the terracing stone fences […]

Gneiss for a lake cascade in the garden

The water facilities in the garden are always desired and create a uniqueness that predisposes to relaxation and pleasant rest. They can be large or small, depending on the space and the plan you have for your water facility.   The pond – easy to make and effective with gneiss lining Even a small pond […]

Artistic figures made of natural stone for garden decoration

The garden is a place for rest and relaxation. Its beauty is built with lots of greenery and flowers, as well as additional decorations. Natural materials blend well with the greenery to create a decorative relief. Ivaylovgrad natural stone is not only a suitable material for recreation areas and barbecues. With natural stones you can […]

Handmade stone sinks and garden troughs

After you build the house or the villa, it is the turn of the yard. Its design is pleasant and engages everyone in the family, because there you will spend hours of rest, conversations, discussions, lunches, dinners. The folk style, using natural stone, is the most popular because it brings the atmosphere closer to nature. […]

Water bars with gneiss stone – cool off with drinks without leaving the pool

The pool is now a necessity for those living in a house and for the villa. Family members as well as guests can relax in it. It is especially pleasant to immerse in the water, warmed all day by the sun, in the evening under the moonlight or a dim lighting. Cooling drinks also help […]

Composition of gazebo and decorative pond with rocks gneiss

Gazebo and pond with Ivaylovgrad stone – a different and more attractive playground in the yard Gazebo in the yard or garden is a necessary element to provide cozy comfort for rest and shelter from sun and rain. Be sure to add a water facility to it. Its size depends on the size of the […]

Five important rules to forming the yard with stone

The forming of the yard may seem an easy task, but as other tasks, it also requires planning. When you have a clear conseption, you are able to see how well the different elements match and change some things if they aren‘t harmonic. Where do you start Your whole yard has to look nice and […]

The flower-beds in the garden – more beautiful with curbstones from gneiss

If you have a yard and a garden, in which you can plant flowers, you are lucky. The flowers give off life natural charm and richness of tints, which cannot be compared with nothing. And your garden with flower-beds will also be beyond comparison, when to flowers of your choice you also add a gneiss […]