Ivaylovgrad Gneiss

Attractive pavements with Ivaylovgrad gneiss pavers

Not only natural stone slabs are a guarantee for beautiful flooring. It is very easy to arrange paving due to their proper shape. And from the gneiss products from Valmarg Stone you, can choose from two types of pavers. Some have a standard shape and others are in antique style. Thus, depending on the style of the interior or the layout of the yard and […]

Delivery of pallets Ivaylovgrad gneiss to the whole country

The gneiss stone Ivaylovgrad has its many admirers who enjoy flooring, cladding and decorative elements of this beautiful natural material. For all those who plan to buy Ivaylovgrad gneiss, we offer convenient and affordable deliveries of your chosen types: cut stone, polygonal gneiss slabs and others. Our offers include both deliveries of small quantities and […]

Bulgarian house in revival style with Ivaylovgrad gneiss

Stone facings that are durable and insulating external heat and cold There is no person who has not admired the old houses with stone cladding on the walls. They are beautiful with the natural attractiveness of the stone and stand as a testament to its durability and powerful protection from the weather. Anyone who has entered […]

Ivaylovgrad gneiss or artificial stone for cladding a house

The cladding adds to the impression of the whole house. It makes it beautiful and original. But cladding has another important purpose. It must isolate and protect from external influences – atmospheric influences and noise. That’s why everyone is looking for long-lasting cladding material. In stores and online you will find offers of natural stone […]

10 ideas for paths with stones built with Ivaylovgrad gneiss

Trails in the yard and garden are not just places to cross. They also give pleasure if they are tasteful and stylish. To do this, use the Ivaylovgrad gneiss. You can supplement it with river stones, grass between the stones – the so-called grass joints, or otherwise, according to your preferences and the materials you […]

Some unusual ideas for decorations with Ivaylovgrad gneiss in the garden

The garden is much more than a green area. It is also a place for relaxation at all times, as well as a source of delight for the looks when it is decorated attractively and interestingly. We offer non-standard decoration projects that will shine with originality and the beauty of Ivaylovgrad stone.   Lining of […]

Thick stone slabs of Ivailovgrad gneiss for grass joint

The courtyard flooring with grass joint is a long-standing tradition, known to all, visiting Renaissance houses. Filling the joints between paving stones is a modern practice, but it is not as attractive and in tune with the nearness of nature, so up-to-date. And leaving the grass between the joints creates a natural mosaic in which […]

Paving stones from Ivailovgrad gneiss for flooring in front of the garage

For the pavement in front of the garage, several important rules must be observed. First, in winter, this flooring should not be slippery. In addition, it must be sufficiently durable during all seasons and resilient to the load from the car. Concrete flooring definitely does not meet the requirements of comfort and security. A pile […]

Ivailovgrad Gneiss for the Bedroom

The trend not to stick to the rigid rules for home furnishing has long applied to the bedrooms. The heavy furniture and curtains, a must-have symbol of solidity that makes it easier to relax and sleep tight, give way to lightweight beds, minimal furniture, plenty of room and of course, light curtains. For a family […]

Ivailovgrad gneiss for interior walls

More and more people are looking for out of the box decisions for an original look of the home, especially of the interior. The walls with wallpapers or decorative plaster are now often seen and not the least modern as a layout. The natural materials are in the center of attention, since each of them […]

Create beautiful landscapes in the garden with Ivaylovgrad gneiss

The yard is not only an open space in which to go for a walk, to sit in open air and enjoy the sun and the good weather. This is also a wonderful field to express our creative abilities, because we can make the yard space uniquely attractive and cozy. The natural stones, especially the […]

Why choose Ivaylovgrad gneiss

What is gneiss This is a rock with a diverse composition that determines its color. Gneiss rocks are common, including in the area of Ivaylovgrad, where Valmarg Stone mines its products. The attractive structure and texture of gneiss The attractiveness of gneiss as a decorative stone for claddings and floorings is due to the coarse […]

Testing Ivaylovgrad Gneiss for Construction Purposes

Rock construction materials’ testing is carried out to assist in the selection of suitable materials for every construction project. In addition, it ensures compliance with all regulatory standards. Testing is carried out by specialized companies such as SGS Bulgaria and is  a highly sought – after service from Bulgarian and foreign clients, regarding their construction […]

Advantages of Cut Gneiss Stones from Ivaylovgrad

Application In Recent years, with the advancement of private initiatives and entrepreneurship in construction, natural cut stones have become more and more popular.  Today, we see them very often to adorn not only private homes and restaurants, but also public buildings, parks and gardens. A great advantage is their standard size, which makes them easier […]

Features of the gneiss from Ivaylovgrad

Gneiss from the region of Ivaylovgrad is a top choice not only in Bulgaria, but also abroad. Here are some of its most important properties: Fire-resistance – Gneiss is part of the group of “noncombustible materials” and has the highest A1 level of fire protection according to the EU classification. Moisture-resistance – It has the […]

Advantages of Ivaylovgrad Gneiss

It is a well-known fact that natural stones have great strength and resistance to various external influences. This is a typical characteristic of the slates that are extracted at a great depth – they are less brittle, do not crumble over time and do not weather, unlike the slates that are extracted from the surface […]