Natural stone

Design of unique outdoor kitchens with natural stone

The open-air kitchen is now mandatory for owners of a house or villa with a yard. Cooking in the fresh air, combined with pleasant hours of food consumption, is a pleasure.     The material for the outdoor kitchen must be durable in many ways It is important to use a material that is waterproof […]

Why it is important to seal the natural stone flooring

Care of natural stone flooring should begin with sealing. This is to provide a coating that will not allow water and dirt to penetrate and will preserve the integrity of the stone slabs. Sealing is actually impregnating the surface of the pavement. It is done not only after application, but also periodically thereafter, as the […]

Arch with natural stone for entrance or yard gate

Arch of natural Ivaylovgrad stone reminiscent of natural arches of ancient buildings and even ancient caves. Nature was the first to give the idea of ​​an arch to meet at the entrance, with the entrances of the caves in which the ancients were sheltered. Later, using this idea, people began to build arches with the […]

Maintenance of natural stone flooring

How to maintain the natural stone flooring is important information that will help us maintain its attractive appearance. In order to be durable, such flooring must be well sealed with a suitable coating, which must be renewed periodically – preferably once a year.       Slabs for gneiss stone flooring Ivaylovgrad, in golden beige […]

Handmade stone troughs for decorative fountains in the garden

Fountain in the garden! Who would give up this convenience? Therefore, along with the gazebo, barbecue and children’s playground, the fountain – convenience for washing, drinking, cooling in the summer heat is a basic necessity.     The fountain has always been present in the yards, not only as a water facility, but also as a decorative element. In order […]

Facing with natural stone slabs on external walls

The exterior cladding puts the final emphasis on the home, so it is important to choose a beautiful and durable material. The choice of facing stone from the company Valmarg Stone guarantees you an attractive facade that delights the eyes with the charm of the natural material.   How to process the base – the […]

10 ideas for a fireplace with natural stone in the house

The fireplace gathers for warm and cool evenings the family, couples in love, numerous company. For all this is an attractive place, which is associated with comfort, with the old traditions of cooking delicious food simmering on the fire. Today, the fireplace is mostly a decorative element of the home, but its place in the […]

Natural stone for fences, retaining and decorative walls

The stone walls are solid and impressive. Remains of ancient walls, erected in stone, still stand today as testimony to the power of the stone. Bring this beauty and grandeur to this day with stone walls for fencing and corner splitting, as well as retaining walls. You can plan a fence of large stones or small stones. They are not necessarily […]

Arbor with barbecue made of wood and natural stone

The gazebo is very comfortable in the summer for shelter in the shade, and also when the barbecue smokes delicious food and rains outside. Natural materials are preferred. We recommend wood and natural stone. Built in the old style, the gazebo will also enjoy its appearance. Arbor construction You can use wooden columns to support […]

Tiling and flooring from natural stone – a possible solution for the kitchen

The kitchen has long been the room that we used to associate with the smell of cooked food, crumbs, spills, and simple furnishings but this is no longer the case. The desire for comfort also drives the design of this so important for each family room. More and more families opt for stylish furnishings for […]

A natural stone for fireplace – recommendations for better choices

The fireplace isn’t only a cozy addition to the interior, which makes you happy with warmth during the cold periods. It is also a beautiful element, which can attract the gazes. There are many materials offered for a revetment of a fireplace, but a natural stone will always be the most preferred and affirmative during […]

Design of the yard and garden with greenery and natural slabstones

The usage of  of greenery in the yard and the garden is obligatory. That way we get to liven up the exterior and we can use a talent  to group the plants so we can achieve an impressive effect. When we add paths and nooks  from natural stone, this is another premise for achieving a […]

Using natural gneiss stone for cladding wells

The well has traditionally been one of the most important constructions in every backyard for centuries. A well was used for providing water as well as for cooling in the summer. Today, wells are still used as water sources and for cooling beverages and foodstuffs in the warm seasons. But they can also serve as […]

Tools for working with stone – cutting, processing, and cladding

Stone is an incredibly hard material and requires special tools for cutting, removing pieces from large stone masses, and for its processing where hammers and fine chisels are used. When the material is processed as cut stone, and certain sizes specified by the customers need to be produced, modern machines with digital control are used […]

Ideas for porch design using natural stone flooring and cladding

The porch is much more than simply an accessory for your home – it is a peaceful and beautiful oasis We often enjoy relaxing on the porch especially during the summer and warm autumn seasons. It becomes an even more attractive place to spend our leisure time when it is beautifully designed with gneiss flooring […]

8 advantages of using natural stone for landscaping design

Backyard and garden landscaping – a natural continuation and blend with the environment When you are designing your garden or other outdoor space, the natural blend with the surrounding environment and view is essential for its nice and attractive appearance. Natural materials are the main ones to use, and there is no doubt that the […]

6 ideas for using natural stones for your swimming pool

Natural stone for building an original swimming pool A swimming pool is a preferred place for relaxation, cooling down and enjoying fun and games. This is why more people are choosing to build one in their outdoor space. But in order to make it a, even more visually attractive part of your exterior design, Valmarg […]

Combining gabions and gneiss to refresh and improve your outdoor space

Gneiss elements used for outdoor decoration are excellent accessories which combine beautifully with the stone flooring and cladding of your outdoor space with gneiss form Valmarg Stone. They are characterized with durability and a natural beauty provided by their golden-beige or silver-grey tones. If you have a smaller budged planned for redecorating your outdoor space, you […]

How to make a long-lasting natural stone

Natural stone is not only beautiful but is also a long-lasting material. The gneiss offered by Valmarg Stone, provides an attractive vision combined with high quality. No matter whether you choose to use pavement or tiles for your natural stone flooring, you need to make sure that you prepare the base under it beforehand. A suitable […]

What type of natural stone to choose – cut or natural shaped (polygonal)

Natural stone has become a material of growing popularity when designing the interior of homes due to its natural beauty. You can choose between cut stone with identical form and size, or natural polygonal slates. Valmarg Stone offers both types. When you are making your choice it is good to know the advantages and disadvantages […]

9 suggestions for decorations with natural stone in the interior

Natural stone is naturally beautiful and with it your home will acquire original comfort. Select the materials offered by Valmarg Stone, and you will create a unique piece in which your own design will reflect your preferences for comfort and beauty. Natural stones from Valmarg Stone Depending on the surface and the area that you […]

Ashlar fence

The ashlar fence is strong, solid and impressive and beautiful with its antiquity. With hewn stones from Valmarg Stone it will adorn your exterior and with your own ideas or designer ideas you will turn it into an original construction that can rival the most beautiful antique fences in the Bulgarian cities reserves. Hewn stones […]

Stone wonders for your landscape

Striving to diversify the yard and the garden often includes custom design. It is not difficult to achieve, but will be impressive with the gneiss materials offered by Valmarg Stone. We offer you stone that will last practically forever and will not lose its natural beauty. Here are some ideas for stone wonders that you […]

Natural wall stone – gneiss from Ivaylovgrad

The beauty of natural stone is unmatched. It will make your home attractive with natural charm, so we offer you few ideas for its use – for facades, interior and exterior walls, fences. With Ivaylovgrad gneiss from Valmarg Stone your home will acquire the look of the traditional Bulgarian houses that even now fascinate both […]

10 great suggestions for using natural stone in your home

Increasingly, we turn to stone as a natural and beautiful material with which to round out the interior and the exterior. Even historical monuments, such as Stonehenge and the Egyptian pyramids can serve us as an inspiration. Of course, the home project is much smaller in scale, but with the gneiss from Valmarg Stone we […]

What natural stones from gneiss are offered on the market

Gneiss attracts all lovers of the natural claddings, floorings and elements from natural stone. With them the home, the room, the fireplace, the yard will acquire originality and a unique comfort. It is worth to know what types of gneiss stones are offered on the market to include them in your plans when you are […]

Natural stone bathroom – style and beauty

It has been long since the design of the bathroom is not equated only with faience. Natural materials entered in the interior of the modern bathrooms. Natural stone is a preferred material for the layout of the bathroom. It is a guarantee for achieving an original look because in nature there are no two identical […]

Take an example from nature – a master of natural stone compositions

Take an example from nature – a master of natural stone compositions Natural stone is a product which Valmarg Stone is proud of. It is used in the interior and the exterior, as a basic material or as stone compositions and relaxation areas in the garden. When we decide to create beautiful places with natural […]

Only natural stone floorings are resistant to wear

Floorings, that allow easy cleaning, are a common choice for all who want to maintain the floor easy. Terracotta, granitogres or natural stone tiles as flooring will provide the necessary ease of cleaning. With terracotta tiles you can count on a variety of colors, among which to choose the right for the color range of […]

Mosaic of stones for the path in the garden

When you shape your path in the garden, the separate sections, in which you make mosaics, will give it an original look. Use residues from materials from repairing works Mosaic is a great way to use residues from materials, tiles, ceramic and terracotta tiles. There is no matter what shape have the pieces of the […]

What are the benefits of natural stone floors during winter

Natural stone has the important benefits of natural materials: a natural appeal and no risk of contamination of the environment with artificial materials. The natural stone offered by Valmarg Stone is suitable not only for exterior cladding and shaping the exterior, but also for interior design solutions – wall cladding and floor paving in your […]

Uses of the natural cut stones

If you want to add a more natural look and feel to your home or garden, the natural stone is irreplaceable. It is universal and can be used everywhere, and also it comes in different shapes and sizes. Different shapes of natural stones Natural – polygonal Cut stone Cuttings from gneiss Stone cuttings Masonry Paving […]

10 Interior Ideas for Stone Cladding

The trends in interior and exterior layout change constantly. The designs and colors and their combinations are replaced all the time. However, the appeal of natural materials is everlasting. If you select natural stones for the interior of your home, you will make an excellent choice. Stone finishes are classic and even years after installation, […]

Usage of Ornamental Stones for Interior Decorations

In the past, it was quite fashionable for apartments to be decorated with wallpapers or paint, resembling stones, bricks or coarse plaster. Today, people mostly use natural ornamental stones to line walls and other parts of their home. Decorative stones fit really well with glass and wood, which makes them one of the most versatile […]

Flooring for Gardens

The pave in the garden is an important element of the entire exterior of the home. The choice of suitable materials depends on the location and loading the pavement should endure. Suitable materials for the construction of a pavement: Brick- Special bricks are used for paving, that are resilient to heat, cold and goods. Due […]

Glitz Rocks from Valmarg Stone

Valmarg stone offers glitz stones from Ivailovgrad gneiss for facings of walls and fences. Glitz stones are obtained through threshing of gneiss. In that way, the surface of the stone gets embossed and acquires different shades in colour. This effect emphasizes the beauty of the stone and provides the facings with an authentic and original […]

Decorative Stones for Wall Cladding

Ornamental stones are most commonly used for lining the walls of houses or fences. These stones provide not only strength to the wall, but also act as a means of protection against dilapidation and staining. Tiling should be done at a height of at least 1.5 metres to protect the wall. Because of its beauty […]

Fence of Stones

Many people would choose a fence of stones for their yard as an installment, which reflects the natural features of the area, and it is also easy to maintain. It is becoming increasingly popular, as we all strive to use natural materials for the composition of our home and yard. However, is the creation itself […]

Usage of Natural Stones for the Construction of Retaining Walls

Construction of a Retaining Wall has its Niceties Construction of a retaining wall from natural stones is preferable to construction such a wall from other materials, as natural stones merge perfectly with the environment. Enthusiasts, who plan to construct such a wall, would want it to be attractive and sustainable. For this purpose, in addition […]