Decorative stones

How to glue and grout decorative wall cladding with gneiss stone

The cladding with gneiss stone Ivaylovgrad gives a natural radiance of beauty and style to each wall. This is a suitable choice for lining entire walls, as well as parts of them, to achieve original decorative solutions.     Ways of fastening gneiss plates When facing with natural stone, such as gneiss from Valmarg Stone , two ways of fixing […]

How to build a bar made of decorative gneiss stones outdoors

The bar is very comfortable when welcoming guests and is also a great place for pleasant evenings in a closer family circle. Not only during the summer, but throughout the year there are periods during which we can bring the outdoor bar into the garden. Even more attractive is the idea of building a bar […]

Decorative stones from gneiss for the wall and floor in the living room

The living room has long been not only a standard furnished room, with a classic set of furniture and a TV. This is the place that needs the most coziness. Here comes every member of the family in their free time. The design scheme of the living room is now an artistic task. The range […]

A rooftop garden with attractive slabstones

If your rooftop is flat,use it to create beautiful and cozy garden for relaxation on this area. The tendency for rooftop gardens on flat areas is becoming more and more popular. Such a garden creates breathtaking natural nook with plants and decorative slabstones, even if you live in the big city. It’s not necessary to […]