Path with felt and paving gneiss

To have a beautiful path in the yard or garden, use pavers of Ivaylovgrad gneiss. We will offer you the laying of the path so that the pavers are level with the terrain. You need to prepare the necessary materials and equipment and provide enough time, preferably all day, to prepare the base by digging, […]

How to clean the pavement of natural gneiss stone

почистване на настилката от естествен камък гнайс

The easy cleaning of gneiss flooring is one of the advantages of this type of material, chosen for its durability and beauty, especially in the two colors of gneiss from Ivaylovgrad. This is a material that is resistant to low temperatures and is therefore very suitable for outdoor flooring. But in order to be able […]

Benefits of gneiss when used as a stone for a wall

Bulgarians are increasingly returning to the old traditions in construction, relying on natural materials. Wood and natural stone are basic materials for new and renovated homes. For walls, stone is the best choice because it combines strength and natural attractiveness. It is enough to remember the beautiful wall cladding with gneiss of houses in the […]

What we need to know when buying gneiss for flooring or lining

Flooring and linings should be beautiful and durable, lasting a very long time without being damaged. This condition is met by gneiss from Ivaylovgrad. Advantages of gneiss material It is already a preferred material for new homes and for changing floors and finishes. The beauty of natural stone is a natural choice and it fits […]

7 benefits of gneiss when choosing stone for flooring and cladding

More and more people prefer flooring and tiling of natural stone. Among the natural materials for these purposes is gneiss, which features a number of important advantages. Here we look at each of them to highlight the advantages in choosing gneiss from Ivaylovgrad, both in terms of endurance. Do not forget the attractive appearance of […]

7 custom ideas for using gneiss in a hallway, corridor and lobby of a public building

The corridor and hallway are places that welcome all guests and visitors. Often the layout of the hallway is underestimated in importance. And it’s so easy to create custom interiors with gneiss by Valmarg Stone. 1 Facing one of the walls Using gneiss lining stones is easy. Both sliced gneiss and masonry bones can be […]

When to choose free-size gneiss

Gneiss in the form of slabs with a correct shape is easy to arrange, and for those who like the correct rectangular shapes this is a better option. But remember the charm of the sidewalk of the old streets. In the not too distant past, people were unable to process stones the way modern machines […]

Exterior tiling with gneiss from Ivailovgrad – beautiful, natural, functional

Like wood, stone was also traditionally used by Bulgarians not only indoors but also for exterior tiling. We recommend using gneiss from Ivailovgrad which is the most suitable material to choose because of its beauty and durability.     Stone strength Bulgarians have used natural stone for tiling as their preferred choice for centuries. It […]

Gneiss on pallets shipped all over the country

Gneiss is a universal and beautiful material for tiling and flooring. More and more people choose gneiss from Ivailovgrad for their interior, for exterior tiling and flooring, for decorative corners in yards and gardens. The two shades of this type of decorative stone – golden beige and silver grey are a good match for any […]

Building a barbeque fire pit from gneiss stone from Ivailovgrad

The fire pit in the yard is not only convenience but guarantees a delicious grilled meat and fish in the open. Create a fire pit that is a gem and draws attention even when not used, and nicely complements the yard. It is easy to build with the right structure and tiling from gneiss stone […]

Four ideas for gneiss stone in the living room

The living room must be an embodiment of coziness, with a lot of light and natural materials, to create a nice atmosphere. The light underlines the beauty of materials like wood and stone. The wood is an ever present in the living room, material, both in the furniture and the decorations. The stone is becoming […]

Gneiss for pavement – prices of producer of Valmarg

The natural beauty of the gneiss, as well as its other qualities attract more and more connoisseurs of pavementz offering not only attractiveness, but also solidity and steadiness to temperature changes. And for the matching elements of the interior or the exterior you can choose onr of the two shades of the Ivailovgrad gneiss material […]

Gneiss stone for revetment of yard fountains

The fountain in the yard gives off liveliness calms down with the murmuring of the clear stream, if it is connected to a spring, a guarantees cooling off during the summer heats. But both the entire yard and the fountain must be a true piece of jewelry, to please our eyes too. Achieve a unique […]

Metal gabions with gneiss from Valmarg Stone

Gabions are constructions which are commonly used for fast wall building and especially for strengthening slopes as well as for even terrains. What are gabions? A gabion is a metal mesh construction. It can be square, rectangular or sphere shaped, as well as in the shape of an animal or another decorative form. The construction […]

Masonry with gneiss stone for strong stone walls

The beauty of a mighty and strong stone wall has attracted people for centuries. The Mason workers have always been one of the most respected members of society and their work and art still stands today with all its strength and stability. If you visit the Rhodope mountains you will see all the stone houses […]

A gneiss cladded fire pit – the jewel of your outdoor space

We are used to think of the fire pit as a place where we can grill meat or hang a cauldron or pot to cook a delicious homemade meal in traditional style. But the design of the fire pit allows for huge variations so you can easily turn it into the centerpiece of your yard […]

A gneiss stone cladded pool is very easy to maintain

A swimming pool is a perfect accessory for any outdoor space, but it requires regular maintenance. This sounds like a serious task which is why many people turn to professionals to perform the maintenance and cleaning of their pool. The fact is though that the regular and proper maintenance of a swimming pool is not […]

Gneiss pavers for strong floorings

Tradition that comes from ancient times Even in ancient times the Romans valued the strength of the natural stones and used them in the construction of the roads they made. Many of these roads have remained to the present day and they are the best evidence for the excellent choice of the people of antiquity. […]

Gneiss cuttings – cheap stones for claddings and floorings

Cladding and flooring increasingly take an important place in the plans for giving an original and attractive look of the home and achieving comfort. With them you can apply your vision, create schemes from gneiss cuttings for example, using the cuttings offered by Valmarg Stone. Gneiss cuttings – sizes and colors This product of Valmarg […]

Gneiss and its composing materials

The word “gneiss” comes from German and means “spark” – a name received because of the sparkling effect of this rock, characterized by its strength, non-slip surface, resistance to temperature changes and a variety of colors in its mineral composition. These advantages determine its prominent place among the materials used in construction, for original and […]

Polygonal Plates

Gneissic slabs are unshaped gneiss, which has retained the natural look of the harvested stone without further cropping or resizing. Poligonal slabs from Ivailovgrad gneiss, offered by Valmarg Stone, come in two styles – golden-beige or silver-grey. They come in all sizes, with thickness of 1,5 to 4,5 cm. The slabs are sorted by size, […]

Recommendations for the Choice of Gneiss for Various Claddings and Floorings

We have determined in our practice that very often our customers do not know which stones are suitable for facades, plinths, columns or floorings. Do you know that … Depending on what you will use gneiss for – cladding or flooring – you have to comply with various requirements when selecting the right stone for […]

Metamorphic Rocks in Bulgaria

Formation of metamorphic rocks is a long and complex process. It includes the wide range of temperature amplitudes and pressure in the bowels of the Earth. Metamorphism This is a set of endogenous modifications of the mineral composition and structure of the rocks, which is needed for their successful adaptation to the already-existing conditions in […]

Frequently asked questions about gneiss

Gneiss is a type of metamorphic stone which is widely spread around the whole planet. Some of the oldest stones discovered are gneiss stones too. The distinguishing feature of gneiss is its foliated structure. It is interesting to note that because of the availability of different minerals in it, light and dark bands alternate. In […]

Interesting facts about gneiss

Gneiss is a type of metamorphic rock which is characterized by the distribution of minerals inside it, in sheet like structures which are clearly seen in small pieces or viewed under a microscope. According to its origin, gneiss is subdivided into orthogneiss (of magmatic origin of the protolith, which is the orginal rock material), and […]

Usage of Gneiss in Construction

Advantages of Gneiss Gneiss is a natural high quality stone – it is one of the most preferred and practical cladding materials for construction purposes. It also has a  high degree of durability, due to the fact  it is a foliated metamorphic rock of granite origin. It was created as a result of processes that […]

Gneiss for glitz masonry

What is a glitz masonry May be you’ve been heard for the way or cladding walls and separate elements of interior and exterior which become modern lately – glitz masonry. In fact glitz masonry is an effect, which is achieved by cladding, so that walls look like as built with real stones. When someone looks […]

What Should We Know When Choosing Gneiss Stones

What Kind of Gneiss Should We Choose Our customers frequently ask what kind of gneiss is the most appropriate one for the tiling of facades, plinths, columns or floors. Please, think about this in advance. If you go and buy gneiss from the store, without being aware of the various types that exist, you risk […]

Reasons to Use Gneiss

Gneiss is a metamorphic rock, famous for its great strength and durability during  temperature change; it also has a rough,  non-slippery  surface. These qualities of the gneiss make it ideal for usage in in construction, revetment, putting of flooring and decoration of exterior and interior spaces. Gneiss guarantees stable and long-lasting results. Available for usage […]

A Tour in Geology – Gneiss

I offer you  a little tour in geology with Devin Denny – a wandering geologist. In this walk, Denny takes us into a canyon, located near the town of Golden, Colorado. This is a great opportunity for you to get to know  geology  in details, with all the knowledge that Front Range, the foot of […]

Another Thing, Worth Learning about Gneiss

Attractiveness of Gneiss – its Shades, the Reason for its Popularity The name gneiss is derived from the old German word “gneist” meaning “Sparks”. Due to its original appearance as a foliated metamorphic rock, gneiss is used not only in construction, but also for creating an original setting at home. Cladding stones, that stand out […]

Gneiss – The Oldest Rock in the World

No matter if you are inquisitive or not, it’s always nice to learn something new. It turns out that the oldest rock in the world, which can be found on the surface of the Earth, is the gneiss. To be more specific, I will say that this applies to gneiss along the river Akasta, which […]

How Much Do We Know About Gneiss as a Metamorphic Rock

Metamorphic rocks are formed from sedimentary or volcanic rocks as a result of pressure, heat, and chemical processes, which have led to changes in the texture and composition of the original rocks. As to the structure of igneous rocks, it is subdivided into three types: cataclastic, crystalloblastic, and relict. Cataclastic structure is typical of rocks, […]

Advantages of Ivaylovgrad Gneiss

It is a well-known fact that natural stones have great strength and resistance to various external influences. This is a typical characteristic of the slates that are extracted at a great depth – they are less brittle, do not crumble over time and do not weather, unlike the slates that are extracted from the surface […]

Help When Choosing Gneiss

Both natural and manufactured stone cladding has recently been used in building. The advantage of natural stone cladding is that natural stones preserve their properties over time and are harmless to people. Extracted natural stones are usually offered to customers as cut stones, polygonal slates (which are offered the way they have been extracted), cladding, […]