Cut stone for wall cladding and for insulation improvement

Proper insulation is one of the best methods for ensuring that our home has optimal temperature levels. A well-insulated home is cool in the summer and warm in the winter. It also helps save power and lowers the bills for heating and air conditioning. Apart from installing internal insulation it is recommended that you add external cladding made of cut stone from Valmarg Stone combined with insulation and your house will not only look better but will be better insulated as well.


Рязан камък за облицовка на стени


The insulating properties of stone

Stone has almost the same insulating properties as bricks, and is a much better insulating material than concrete. Take advantage of these cut stone properties and choose the most appropriate insulation material to install underneath it and you will end up with superb multi-layered insulation. Also, with such a stone cladding, the exterior of your home will be sturdier and will be weather resistant.



каменна облицовка на стена


How to improve the external insulation of your home with stone wall cladding

By adding more layers to the cladding of your walls you will achieve much better insulation. The best insulation can be done by adding an insulating layer between the walls and the stone cladding. Another way to create good insulation is to leave a layer of air between the external walls and the stone cladding. You can choose the variant which is more suitable for you when you are planning your cladding.

The insulation layer can be from Fibran or any other similar insulation material. If you choose to use a plastic mesh, it will ensure both great insulation and will act as a better base for the stone layer on top of it.

If you want to leave an insulating layer of air, you should use U-shaped profiles. Then you can use plasterboard to ensure a secure grip for the stone cladding.

You should place a thicker insulation layer around the places such as fireplaces in order to ensure that the heat stays in the home efficiently.



гнайс камък за облицовка


Preserving the attractiveness and the bright colors of the stone

In order to ensure that your stone wall cladding remains as attractive and brightly colored for long, when you use cut stone from Ivaylovgrad you should cover it with a varnish coating. This is special water-based lacquer for stones which is transparent. Applying the varnish is easy and will ensure that the surface of the stone remains attractive and brightly colored over time.



облицовъчен камък гнайс от Ивайловград


Internal wall cladding is also a great method for reliable isolation

Stone is a material which acquires the ambient temperature. Take advantage of its other quality – to accumulate the heat for a long time. With cladding made of cut stone from Valmarg Stone you will make your walls more appealing and the stone will accumulate the heat from the heating inside and will maintain it and slowly release it for a comfortable temperature inside.



ивайловградски камък за облицоване на стени


Good insulation helps prevent humidity inside

If you insulate the walls inside your home with cut stone, the stone cladding will act as a barrier against the humidity from outside. Also, the stone will remain warm enough to prevent condensation inside.

Benefits of the cut stone form Valmarg Stone

Cut stone from Valmarg Stone is a material with even forms. This will make the cladding much easier which is an essential advantage. The shape of the cut stone will allow installing it without the need for cutting the material, unlike when you use different sized and shaped stone material. This will save both time and material for the cladding work. We offer stones with a width of 10-30mm and a free length. This allows for each cutting to be used easily for the cladding.