Cut gneiss stone for kitchen or hallway flooring

Stone flooring is especially suitable for hallways and the kitchen – since they are used constantly and need to require little maintenance. Gneiss flooring can ensure this type of comfort. It will also ensure that these premises look even more beautiful. This beauty is the key to creating a unique style and coziness of your home. By using the cut stone slates cut into regular shape by Valmarg Stone which is natural and organic, you can refurbish your kitchen or hallways into a better looking, more convenient and new interior.


рязян гнайс


The cut stone from Valmarg Stone – practical, beautiful and easy to install as flooring

The gneiss from Ivaylovgrad offered by Valmarg Stone has the natural beauty of a material taken straight out of nature just our ancestors did when they needed to build more practical housing. It has a number of other great benefits such as sturdiness, scratch resistance as well as moisture resistance.

Due to their regular shape, installing the stone slates form Valmarg Stone is very easy. The width of the stones is between 10-30mm. You don’t need to cut them in order to create the right shape which will save you the time and trouble of having to do that.


камък гнайс от Ивайловград


Gneiss flooring with cut slates for the hallway

Once you enter a home into the hallway and turn the lights on you get the first impression of the house. Imagine the shine of the gneiss slates of your flooring and what an effect it will have on your guests and on you as well.  The beautiful hallway with the new natural stone flooring will always make you feel happy when you come home.


гнайс за подова настилка

Cut gneiss slates for the kitchen flooring

The kitchen is usually the busiest place in a home. You constantly enter it to leave your groceries, to take out the food to the dining table or living room which results in dropping and spilling food and drinks on the floor on a constant basis. These food particles can damage other types of flooring but with the flooring made of Valmarg Stone’s cut gneiss slates, you won’t need to worry about that. This type of flooring will guarantee longevity and comfort. Also, the natural beauty of the gneiss stone will be a beautiful addition to your kitchen interior as well. A pretty looking kitchen will inspire you to spend more time there cooking delicious meals or enjoying a cup of coffee and a piece of cake while you admire the beautiful flooring.


рязани плочи за настилка


You need to know what maintenance is required for cut stone flooring

The maintenance of flooring made of natural stone slates is easy. Clean it regularly with a dry cloth to remove the small abrasive residues from the surface. You need to clean it with a damp cloth from time to time too. Our advice is to stay away from any chemicals and detergents when cleaning your stone flooring because they can damage its surface.

Impregnate the floor made of cut stone for better protection

Applying an impregnating sealer on your cut stone flooring will guarantee that it maintains its superb appearance.

It also provides additional protection for the surface. It is advisable to apply the impregnating sealer at least once a year for the best effect.