Where you can use natural cut stone

The beauty of the natural stone material and its strength make it a preferred material in shaping the exterior and interior. The cut stone slabs are easy to arrange, as they are in right shape. This will make it easier for you to choose this cladding material and to use it for flooring. If you do not want gaps in the cladding or flooring, this is the right material. Use Valmarg Stone’s cut gneiss stone and you’ll get beautiful surfaces that glow with the beauty of gneiss.

естествения рязан камък

The cut stone slabs are available with a thickness between 1.5 and 2.5 cm or from 2.5 to 4.5 cm, in several widths – 10, 15, 20, 25 and 30 cm, and their length is free.

Our customers buy the largely of cut stone for cladding and flooring. You can line exterior and interior walls and fences. The cut gneiss plates are also suitable for smaller areas, for lining a fireplace, barbecue, well, around a pool in the yard.

Cladding and flooring of cut slabs

The most beautiful are the facings and floorings, in which the whole wall or floor is completely covered with slabs of cut stone. If you have a limited budget, you can line only one wall, for example in the living room – the wall above the seating area with table and chairs, or form a horizontal or vertical strip with cladding. If you have columns in the room or at home, it is very effective to line them with cut facing stones to make them stand out.

рязани облицовъчни камъни

Barbecue cladding

More and more families rely on barbecue not only to prepare delicious food, but also to create a cozy and attractive atmosphere in the yard and garden. Depending on your plans and the space you have, you can build and line with gneiss from Valmarg Stone a barbecue only or a whole corner with a fence and a roof. There you can also place a counter for cooking and a table with chairs so that you do not take the prepared food home. The barbecue in the yard with a beautiful cladding of gneiss cut stones will attract both family and guests for unforgettable hours of dining and relaxation.

гнайс за беседка

Decorative or real well

It is not always possible to find a place suitable for a well from which to draw water. And it is not necessary. A decorative device that imitates a well is enough. It is already a common decoration in many yards. People return to the old traditions and strive to bring to the homes and yards the coziness of the traditional life. The well is part of this way of life. It is enough to build the cylindrical part with wooden lids, as well as the upper part with the rope for bringing the bucket. It is even more attractive if you place coppers for water. Do not forget the roof over the well, which is traditionally covered with Turkish tiles.

гнайс за облицоване на кладенец

The lining of the curb of the pool

In more and more homes there is a swimming pool in the yard. It is needed for cooling during the warm season, but also as a decoration. The beauty of the curb, lined with Ivaylovgrad gneiss, will immediately attract the eye. Also, for family members will be more enjoyable walking in the yard and using the pool. The gneiss-lined curb also offers a place to sit and relax after a swim.

облицовка от гнайсови плочи

Cut stone – gneiss material in silver-gray or golden-beige colors, transforms the home, fence, yard, decorative elements. It is easy to put, you can even arrange a figures in the cladding or flooring. Choose it to transform your home when renovating or building a new home.