Why choose a gneiss stone

Natural stone is already permanently present in the interior and exterior. It is combined with another predominantly natural material in the home – wood, to create an atmosphere that radiates the cozy, predisposing radiation of natural materials. Gneiss by Valmarg Stone is an attractive material, in two colors – silver-gray and golden- white, suitable for combination in any home. In addition to beauty, gneiss has many qualities, such as durability and fire resistance, which make it a very practical choice.

рязан камък гнайс

Cut stone or polygonal slabs

With polygonal gneiss flooring in the home or in the yard where the boards stand out against the grass joints, it will be in the style of the old Bulgarian homes. With their natural length and width and therefore irregularly shaped, polygonal slabs are very suitable for these purposes.

When you want to tile walls or columns, or interior or exterior stairs, cut stone is preferable. These Ivaylovgrad gneiss plates are in the correct shape and are easy to arrange. They provide a visual tile that is in harmony with contemporary-style homes. Of course, columns, walls or stairs may also use polygonal slabs, but arranging them takes time and filling the small spaces between the large slabs is difficult.

Features of the stone cut by Valmarg Stone

These types of tiles are universal, suitable for lining and flooring.

The length of the stone gneiss slabs is different. This makes it possible to choose slabs for small and large sections of the area to be lined or laid. The widths are different, between 10 and 30 cm.

With these differences in the lengths and widths of the cut stone slabs, you will also achieve an irregularity, which is the charm of ancient floorings and finishes. But it will be easier to arrange the tiles and take less time. Therefore, it is perfectly feasible to undertake this task yourself.

As for the thickness, the cut stone also gives you a choice: between 1.5 and 2.5 cm – for lining, and between 2.5 and 4.5 cm – for flooring. Traditionally, thicker slabs are suitable for flooring, but if you want to achieve better insulation, you can use a larger thickness for cut stone.

обработен камък гнайс

How to achieve more impactful lining and stone flooring

Stone floorings and finishes are not only beautiful but also practical. With them not only the exterior facades, but also the interior is complemented in a natural way, unobtrusive but stylish. You can plan stone trim for the living room, tavern type living room, office or hotel.

To achieve more spectacular surfaces, you can combine the two colors. You can shape geometric elements with slabs of one color.

For a more interesting solution, you can also order from Valmarg Stone slabs that are cut – natural width and cut into strips lengthwise.

Use other gneiss products from Ivaylovgrad for original layouts. For example, you can shape bones – small pieces of gneiss, with a short length of up to 40 cm in length, and between 3 and 5 cm in width. Gneiss cuts can also serve to diversify the lined or lined surface.

рязан гнайс

Fixing of slabs of cut stone and shaping of joints

The fixing is achieved with a cement powder adhesive that dissolves in water to the required density.

To shape the joints you need to buy a jointing compound, and it is cheaper to prepare yourself such a mixture of sand and cement to which you can add paint to achieve the desired color.