Stone Masonry By Valmarg Stone

Valmarg Stone offers natural masonry stones which are highly suitable for the construction of retaining walls with a height of 1.50m and fencing walls with a height of up to 3.50 m. The stones are regularly-shaped with a thickness of about 20 cm, width of 20 cm and a length of about 20 cm. Mined in the region of Ivaylovgrad, they have a high relative density – up to 3200 kg/m3 and great compressive strength.

Girdles from concrete, wood or brick should be constructed to make the stone masonry earthquake-resistant. The quality of these girdles and joints is of great importance for the stability of the masonry itself.

Here, we present to you photos, sent by one of our customers, who created a terrace-like construction in his yard. For this purpose of creation, he built retaining walls and used masonry stones, purchased from Valmarg Stone.

We are delighted and proud to share the final result with you!


подпорна стена с камък за зидария

камъни за зидане от Валмарг стоун