Prikazkite Hotel and Restaurant
Prikazkite Hotel and Restaurant This fairy place is built in the area “Defileto” near Harmanly – one of the most picturesque areas in the region. This is a place where new and established musicians perform their folk music. The complex has a restaurant and a hotel with a spa centre. It is built of gneiss cladding stone and cut stone provided by Valmarg. The combination of natural stone and contemporary construction materials creates a unique comfort and beauty. The walls, alleyways, steps, the barbeque and other architectural interior and exterior elements of the complex are cladded with the products offered by Valmarg Stone. The stone used for decorative claddings naturally match the architecture of the complex and adds an accent on its separate elements.

You can find more information and photos on the website of the Prikazkite complex.

 Cladding gneiss complex Tales


 The Holly Virgin monument in Haskovo
Monument of the Virgin Mary in Haskovo at gneiss stone from VlmargThe sculpture is 14 meters high and is placed on a 17-metre foundation. It was built in 2003 at the Youth Hill in Haskovo. This is the largest monument of the Holly Virgin with the Infant and it has been registered in the Guinness Book. The monument is made of polymer concrete and is cladded with gneiss provided by Valmarg. The used material is cut stone from Ivaylovgrad in golden and beige nuances and thickness of 2-2,5 cm. The executors of the project have chosen the gneiss from Ivaylovgrad because of its great sturdiness, resistance to atmospheric effects and its everlasting stability. This is the most appropriate choice of natural stone cladding that will preserve the perfect state of this unique project.





Hotels in Bansko
Hotels in Bansko with stone cladding of stone ValmargNumerous hotels in Bansko have chosen Valmarg Company which provides cladding stone and cut stone and these hotels are built of gneiss from Ivaylovgrad. The sturdiness and high quality of the material are the main factors taken into consideration during the building of the interior and exterior of the hotels. Thus, the completed projects are characterized by distinctive style and unique architecture, allowing them to make great impression and to attract more visitors. Decorative natural stone claddings have been used on walls, alleyways, pavements, steps and curbs to offer a combination of unique beauty and sturdiness which proves the investment to be long-lasting and effective.



Private residence in Camping Oasis
Lining the façade with stone from IvalovgradThe gneiss provided by Valmarg has been used for cladding of walls, alleyways, steps, columns, swimming pools and other. All decorative claddings possess both aesthetic and insulation properties which is among the reasons why our client has chosen the cut stone and claddings we offer. The cladding stones we provide have an irregular shape – it’s the shape they are dug out of the quarry. Here they are mostly used for the skirting boards of walls and the alleyways with concrete foundations. The walls, steps, swimming pools and various borders are cladded with cut stones with perfectly matched sizes and colors. Thus, varied structural solutions have been created thanks to the numerous opportunities provided by the natural cladding stones.


Other projects
project, full of gneiss stone ValmargValmarg Company works both with other companies and private customers. Our main purpose is to complete all orders timely and accurately. We have long experience in processing and offering high quality gneiss from quarries in the region of Ivaylovgrad and this makes us a preferred partner for executions of public and private projects. The competitive prices and the high quality of the products we offer constantly increase our popularity in the region of Ivaylovgrad and in the whole country. Many of our clients send us photos to share their satisfaction with the results they have achieved with the usage of our decorative claddings.