Stone paths in the garden or backyard – convenience and charm combined

The pathways in your garden or yard are not only convenient for getting around and walking to the different parts of your outdoor space for some nice relaxation, but can be turned into a centerpiece of your outdoor area design as well and add an authentic vintage charm to it. You can choose to use the traditional cladding of your pathways with stone slates.

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Materials which can use for cladding your paths offered by Valmarg Stone

You can save the time and energy of collecting various stones and slates when spending type outdoors. You can easily find several variants in the product list of Valmarg Stone – each of which has their own advantages.

The gneiss slates and cuttings offered by Valmarg Stone are in two different nuances – either silver-gray or golden-beige. The choice of the type and color of the products is all up to you.


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Gneiss slates for cladding

Valmarg Stone offers gneiss with a width of 40 or 35cm and various lengths. If you want to follow the traditional cladding style, this is the perfect material for your pathways.


камък за пътека

Gneiss pavers

Gneiss pavers are very easy for arranging due to their fixed regular shape and size. Apart from the regular gneiss pavers, Valmarg Stone offers “antique” rounded ones for an even more authentic look.


естествен камък за пътека

The design of your pathways depends on your overall outdoor design and the surrounding infrastructure

It is only natural to pick the most suitable design for your natural stone paths in accordance to your overall interior and exterior design, and in a way which suits all surroundings.

If your property is in a rural area, pathway made of gneiss slates will merge perfectly with the overall environment and feel of the area.

If your home is in a more modern area, or if it has a more modern design, you may want to choose the classical pavers for the cladding of your outdoor paths.

If you already have a stone garden in your outdoor space, gneiss slates will complete the design perfectly. You can add to the charm of this design by building an edging for your paths with Glitz wallstones (bones) without spending more than your planned budget for the project, because they are very affordable and Valmarg Stone will offer them to you at a promotional price.

In case you have leftover gravel, or you like the idea of combining stripes made of slates and others covered with gravel, then this outdoor design is perfect for you. You can add to the uniqueness of your outdoor design by placing the slates diagonally and filling the sides with gravel. This will create an even more natural look and transition of the pathways to the flora in your garden.


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Where to begin when building a path

You can start the construction of your pathway from the very entrance of your home, or from the outdoor entrance area. When the path begins from the doorway, you can start by building a shape made of natural stone and edged with Glitz wallstones. For an added effect, you can add some original direction signs showing the way to the different areas of your outdoor space, such as to the flower beds, the seating area, the fountain, pool and others.


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If the terrain has a slope

If the path passes through a slanted area, you can add several convenient stone cladded steps as well.


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Add variety to the paths by adding circular stone edging

Depending on the size and shape of your garden or other outdoor space, you can design and build circular areas edged with gneiss bones, slates or pavers surrounding your flower beds, your fountain, pool or other.


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