Practical Advices for the Creation of Backyard Flooring

Anyone looking for options for installation of flooring in the yard would want it to be:

  • beautiful, durable, easy to clean and maintain, and if possible – cheap.

настилка за двор

When deciding how to choose, please, have in mind the following:

  • Gravel is a cheap option, but to be suitable, a pad should be placed Furthermore, after 2-3 years of usage more gravel should be added and redistributed, because it gets squandered. Another disadvantage is that it is inconvenient for walking and cleaning. It’s not suitable for riding bicycles and bikes either.
  • Concrete blocks, used for parking lots cause difficulty when one is walking (especially with heels); in rainy weather the holes between the blocks get filled with water and mud. Grass can be placed upon, but it requires more maintenance.
  • Paving slabs last for about five years. Perhaps the more expensive options are more durable, but in all cases, paving slabs do not have the durability of the natural stone.
  • Paving is convenient for walking, but in wet weather it becomes slippery. This slippery surface can be especially dangerous if one is trying to park a car in the yard.
  • Tarmac is convenient for usage and maintenance, but if you are looking for both beauty and low cost – unfortunately, it does not fit the requirements.
  • If you’re looking for strength – concrete blocks are the solution, but it’s better if they are covered on top with tiles or stone slabs. If left uncovered, they are not durable and crack over time. One of the reasons are the heavy loads they have to endure such as cars, trucks.
  • Natural stones used for stone flooring are durable and beautiful, but installing them on the concrete basis is more expensive.
  • A cheaper option are tile-stones from gneiss, which can be lined up on sand; the joints that form can be filled with cement and grass can be sown over to create paths. This option adds so much beauty to the garden, but at the same time requires more maintenance – still worth it, if it is not for large areas.

In the end, the choice comes down to quality and price. Each investment is justified when it does not require additional funds for maintenance.

That’s why we, from Valmarg Stone, recommend gneiss from Ivaylovgrad for the creation of yard flooring – it provides the optimal quality/price ratio for the investment you will be making.

     The characteristics of the stone from Ivaylovgrad make it the ideal solution for the pavement –beautiful, durable and easy to maintain. That way, investment returns over time, and the rewards are great!

гнайс от Ивайловград