Polygonal slabstones gneiss stones for pavement in the yard

The yard is a  part form the home, which also predisposes creates good mood and feeling for a deserved rest. And when it’s formed in the style of the old-fashioned yards, when the stone slabstones, used  for the paths and the playgrounds, were with natural uneven shape, it is specially pleasant and impressive. The pavements in the yard include not only the paths, but also nooks such as a place around the pool, a ground with barbeque, outdoor shower.

Create beautiful pavement in the yard, using natural stone gneiss from Valmarg Stone.



полигонални плочи гнайс


Create beautiful pavement with polygonal gneiss slabstones

The natural form of the polygonal gneiss slabstones from the stone of Valmarg Stone gives you an opportunity to bring  the spirit of the old yards and leave the shiny silver-grey or golden-beige slabstones beautify the exterior

The arranging of such stones is a little challenge due to the uneven shapes. But this is also the main charm of this kind of material. Match and arrange in accordance with the sizes, and if you form a path with curve, provide yourselves with smaller size slabstones for the forming of the turn.



естествен камък за настилка


What thickness of the pavement we recommend

It is best the thickness of the gneiss for the pavement  to be up to 4.5 cm, but not more. The thickness of the slabstones of Valmarg Stone is between 1.5 and 4.5 cm. Since they are used mainly for pavements, the thickness is suitable with the optimum sizes, which are recommended. A thicker pavement will be quite heavy and it will gradually have bad effects for the ground..

 What should be the base for pavement with polygonal slabstones

You can lay the slabstones upon soil, and you can lay a layer of gravel or sand. For a more solid base you can lay a concrete base. When laying upon soil, gravel or sand, you have to even the ground first and then start the laying of the gneiss slabstones.

 The sizes of the slabstones and sorting them according their sizes

The preliminary sorting of the slabstones to their sizes will ease the choice when laying them. The smaller ones will be required to fill the endmost sectors. That’s why it’s good around 10% of the bought polygonal slabstones to be small, to provide you with pieces for filling. And if you’re making pavement for a nook of the yard, you can foresee a much bigger percent smaller slabstones from the total quantity. The forming of a pavement around water tank, waterfall, pool requires small slabstones.

The preliminary sorting will give you the choice to find quickly piece to fill in each part of the yard.

The laying

The laying upon the evened ground is easy. Choosing between the sorted in accordance to size slabstones, will gradually form the pavement. It’s good to use a rubber hammer for the laying of the slabstones. Lay upon a layer of a firming material.

A pavement of a part of the yard with polygonal slabstones

 The pavement is most often planned for paths. But you can make other original decisions for the nooks of the yard. As we already mentioned, the nooks for relaxation and the sector of the pool are among those places , which stand out with beauty with pavement of polygonal slabstones.