Facing with polygonal gneiss boards

Beautiful cladding for the exterior and cladding of interior walls and columns is one of the requirements for the design of a new home and renovation. The material must be durable, beautiful in color and have a natural beauty. More and more people are trying to bring elements of nature into their homes, taking an example from the layout of the ancient Bulgarian houses. This is achieved in an effective way with polygonal gneiss slabs.


Облицовка с полигонални плочи гнайс


Ivaylovgrad gneiss is an excellent choice for cladding

The gneiss cladding from Ivaylovgrad meets all requirements. First of all, this applies to the color – the colors are two. One is silver gray and the other is golden beige. Both are universal and easily combined with other colors of the exterior and interior.

The strength of the gneiss, extracted in the region of Ivaylovgrad, is a guarantee for durability of the pavements.

Gneiss is a material resistant to extreme temperatures, which is important for exterior cladding.

This material is also characterized by excellent heat resistance and fire resistance.

The choice of tiles with a polygonal shape makes it possible to achieve the type of ancient cladding.


полигонален камък гнайс


How thick the polygonal cladding slabs should be

In the case of cladding, the thickness of the tiles does not have to be large. This is a requirement for flooring.

When choosing unshaped stone Ivaylovgrad, it is enough to be 1.5 cm thick. The thickness can reach 4.5 cm.


Are the claddings made of polygonal slabs more expensive?

Polygonal slabs are not processed as much as cut stone. They are left in their natural forms. In addition, they are larger in size than machined boards. Therefore, in addition to the ancient attractive effect of the natural, irregular shapes of the Ivaylovgrad gneiss slabs, they will also come out cheaper as a total price.


облицовка с камък Ивайловград


Arranging tiles with a polygonal shape requires more time

The irregular shape of the tiles will require more time to fit them. You will also need to combine and prepare small pieces of plates. You can get a stone cutter or have the Valmarg Stone specialists cut a few slabs to fill the end sections of the walls.


Spectacular tiles with polygonal shape

In addition to the irregular shape of the tiles and the universal colors, lining with these facing stones will stand out with its rough surface, also complementing the interior or exterior of the building with natural beauty.


гнайс за облицовки


A stone millions of years old for your cladding

Gneiss is a material formed in the bowels of the earth as a result of processes that took place millions of years ago. It is exciting to just think how long it took to form this so attractive natural stone material. Combined with its natural attractiveness, this adds to the value of the cladding of walls, columns and other elements in the interior and exterior. This is a value not only in terms of price and labor, if you do the lining yourself. This is the realization of the whole huge period of time required for the formation of this stone beauty. You deserve such a cladding! Order your gneiss slabs from Valmarg Stone with a polygonal shape now.