Which material is most suitable for cladding the foundation of the house

The foundation of the house ensures its stability and durability. The cladding protects the foundation, so it is important that it is resistant to all influences. Particularly strong are the influences of the environment – weather and pollution.

Extreme temperatures easily cause cracks in poor quality materials. Contamination also leads to damage – cracks, notches.

It is also important that the foundation lining material is resistant to mechanical impacts, to have a sufficiently high strength, as the lower parts of the lining are more exposed to mechanical shocks, especially if there are children in the home.


облицовка фундамент на къща


What materials are used for lining the foundation

  • Plaster

The plaster is the easiest to apply. But it is also the most unstable. If you opt for plaster, you should keep in mind that you will need to renew it often to keep the foundation and attractive appearance of the house. Choose a plaster that has better qualities and is suitable for external application. 


облицовка за фундамент на къща


  • Tiles

    Tiles require more time to arrange, but are also not reliable enough protection. In stores you can find a variety of types and colors of tiles and you can choose the most appropriate in color. Granite is durable as a coating for the interior, but for lining the foundation will not be durable. The joints may start to leak moisture and the tiles may start to fall off.


цокъл на къща облепване


  • Decorative panels

    The decorative panels are made of artificial material and cannot be classified as durable. On the other hand, you will find a variety of colors.


декоративни панели за цокъл


  • Artificial stone

    Artificial stone is a mixture of stone flour, expanded clay, cement and other materials, including dyes. This results in porous concrete, which has very good pressure resistance and excellent insulating properties. This type of stone is resistant to sudden changes in weather conditions. The molds in which the mixture is poured to obtain shapes resemble natural stones. As a foundation material, this is one of the materials we recommend. But you should keep in mind that artificial stone is difficult to install if you choose an option with irregular shapes. 


облицоване на фундамент на къща


  • Natural stone

    Natural stone is durable and beautiful. This is the best choice for foundation cladding. Although it will cost you more, it is a cladding that will last for years. Choose gneiss from Valmarg Stone to line the foundation of your house. 


облицовка на фундамент на къща с гнайс

Qualities of Ivaylovgrad gneiss

The gneiss facing slabs of this stone from the Ivaylovgrad region are available in two colors. One is golden beige and the other is silver gray . Choose the right one for your exterior.  

The qualities of gneiss, due to which it is preferred as an excellent choice in construction for cladding and flooring, include:

  • excellent resistance to pressure – at a maximum value according to the standards 130, the resistance of gneiss is 129.3;
  • excellent strength in water conditions – 136.1 at a maximum value according to the standards of 150. This is important for areas where it often rains and the humidity is high;
  • excellent resistance to very low temperatures – 0.86 at a maximum value according to the standards of 0.8;
  • maintaining the attractive appearance despite extreme changes in temperatures and other adverse effects of weather conditions.


гнайс от Валмарг Стоун


Contact Valmarg Stone for gneiss from Ivaylovgrad to line the foundation of your home. In the range of Valmarg Stone you will find slabs with a polygonal shape, cut stone, as well as cuttings and gneiss bones, which are a cheaper option for cladding, but you will need more time to line the foundation.