Combining wood and stone in the interior

People are turning to the use of natural materials driven by the need for a stronger connection with nature and all that is natural. Natural materials help strengthen that connection we all need in order to stay natural and fresh in our everyday lives.

Here are some ideas by Valmarg Stone for combining wood and stone. The natural beauty of the gneiss from the region of Ivaylovgrad which we offer can be successfully combined with wooden material.


Wood and stone – the two natural materials our homes cannot do without

Wood is the material which we associate with warmth, but only for firing up the fireplace. The choice of furniture made of wood and designed in an old-fashioned style is becoming growingly popular. These can successfully be combined with a stone fireplace, armored stone niches or other elements in the interior.

Stone is another material which our home cannot do without. You can achieve full compliance with the old homes which are still standing solid and whole, thanks to the strength of the stone materials used to build them. Certain parts of your home which are built of natural stone will no doubt attract the attention of every guest in your house, and will provide nice relaxation for you as well. The gneiss from Ivaylovgrad offered by Valmarg Stone is an excellent choice for all kinds of stone elements for your home. Choose of the two available colors: silver-grey or golden-beige. Regarding the sizes and shapes, we offer a variety of choices, including: slates, cut stones, stone cuttings and wallstones. They are suitable for cladding and flooring.

The advantages of stone and wood – time leaves its mark on them

Unlike other natural materials, artificial ones can endure for longer without showing any signs of aging. But it is exactly the aging process which leaves its mark on the walls of the  old houses which is so attractive to us.

Start with the hallway with a stone flooring and wood wall paneling

Start from the hallways. You can use polygonal slates or cut stones offered in silver-grey or golden-beige colors. The recommended thickness for stones for flooring is 2.5 to 4.5cm. The walls and the ceiling can be covered with wooden paneling. You can also clad your walls or parts of them with stones as well. The thickness of the gneiss for cladding walls should be 1.5 to 2.5cm. Combine this interior with suitable solid wood furniture.

The kitchen – with a wooden ceiling, stone cladded walls and stone flooring

Return to the past by adding a wooden ceiling with beams on which you can hang onions, strings of peppers and others. The cladding of the walls with stone can be done in an affordable and yet spectacular manner with the use of Glitz wallstones (bones) which Valmarg Stone offers at promotional prices. You should use slates for the flooring.


камък за под

Other ideas for the kitchen: wooden furniture and stone countertops

Choose all wooden furniture for the kitchen and make the countertops entirely from stone. For the various decorative elements you can use Glitz wallstones (bones). Several stone shelves will provide added convenience and an even better effect.


камък за настилка

The niche – cladded with stone with a seating area with wooden furniture

Turn the niche into a favorite spot in your home, by cladding the walls with gneiss slates or Glitz wallstones (bones). Form the space as a resting area by adding a wooden table and chairs. Add a tablecloth and cushions in traditional style as a finishing element.


камъни за облицовка

The entrance hall to the bathroom is especially suitable for combining wood and stone

If your bathroom has an entrance hall, you have the perfect opportunity to combine wooden shelves for the bathrobes and towels and stone flooring. The mirror in a wooden frame is an excellent accessory for your interior design solution.


естествен камък гнайс