Stone Cladding in the Interior

декорация с облицовъчни камъни

Nowadays more and more people are using natural stones in the interior of their homes. Natural stones can be used for various purposes – flooring, wall cladding, columns, bathroom and kitchen counters, doorways, fireplaces, as well as various decorative elements and panels.


Stone cladding in the hallway is used mainly for the walls and the floor. The decision for wall cladding has an aesthetic effect and at the same time is very practical. Natural stones are perfect for insulation, therefore they prevent the penetration of moisture in the wall. Moreover, they protect the wall from dirt and other mechanical influences, thus making it stronger and excluding the need of additional maintenance or repair. Gneiss is perfect for vertical surfaces: it is offered in different shades of both hot and warm colours and you can make your choice according to the colours of the interior.


Natural stones have a rough surface, which makes them particularly appropriate for floors. You’d better choose cut stones, which are easy to install and arrange in compositions with different shapes. The rough surface is more difficult to clean, but at the same time it is not slippery. This type of flooring has thermal and sound insulation properties and is resistant to all kinds of mechanical and chemical influences, thus being very practical. Furthermore, it can be cleaned with various detergents, which will not affect its appearance.

Counters and sills

Very often natural stones are used for cladding of kitchen counters, railings, window sills and socles. It is important to choose appropriate stone cladding – its surface should not be too rough, otherwise it will keep dirt and will be difficult to clean and maintain. Grouting should also be carefully done, using special water insulation material that prevents the penetration of water, since this would lead to the cladding coming off. It is advisable that the stone cladding be sealed with a special sealer, which will protect it and make it easy to clean, because it will prevent it from retaining moisture and dirt.


Natural stone are often preferred, when it come to cladding of fireplaces. Gneiss is the most commonly used stone, because of its insulating properties. This has the effect that it preserves the heat of the fireplace  for longer and at the same time protects against fire. Very often cladding is applied not only to the fireplace, but also to the floor around it or the wall behind it. People usually use cladding stones with natural shape – just as they are extracted in the quarries, thus bestowing the warmth and cosiness, typical of the traditional Bulgarian home.

Look at those beautiful pictures and interesting interior decisions with stone cladding:

Columns, doorways and staircase railings

Depending on the style of the interior, both cut stones and stone cladding in natural shape are used for cladding of columns, doorways and railings. The free shape offers a possibility for more interesting decisions, whereas the standard shape and size of cut stones underlines the strictness of order of the whole composition. Whether you will use natural stone cladding or another type of cladding, it is advisable that the columns, doorways and railings in the home be clad, since they have edges that are subject to constant physical force or other chemical influences.

Decorative panels and ornaments

Decorative stones are frequently used to create wall panels or ornaments in the home, the aim being to lay emphasis on something or to hide a defect in the room. That is why it is necessary to draw a plan and to choose an appropriate material in advance. Very often the combination of natural stones with different shapes and colours leads to positive results. People’s choice is usually determined by the natural shape, the surface and colour of the stone. Imagination and fantasy guarantee amazing results, which will turn even the “defects” into “effects”. Stone cladding fits perfectly in every interior. Besides its aesthetic value, its strength makes it long-lasting and easy to clean.