Wall cladding with glitz wallstones (bones)

With the growing popularity of the rustic style both for interior and for exterior design, there are growing numbers of people who use the so-called glitz masonry for their wall facings.

If you decide to redesign the modern look of your walls indoors or outside, the use of rocks or glitz masonry for the facing is not only easy but will also make the walls look more natural, and will seem as if they are entirely built of stones.

кокали за глиц зидария

Where you can use the glitz masonry

The effect which results from the glitz masonry is suitable not only for cladding of internal and external walls, but for parts of walls, columns, chimneys, fireplaces and other places in the home which you would like to have a rustic style and radiate a natural homely feeling.

The choice of stones for glitz masonry

For a maximum natural effect, the stones used should be naturally textured. Choosing gneiss is especially suitable. The use of cut gneiss glitz wallstones which are a cheaper variant than a lot of other materials will allow you to create an impressive wall facing.

What are the glitz wallstones (bones)

глиц зидария

These wallstones are cuttings from stone blocks. Their thickness is from 3.5 cm to 5 cm, and their length is from 20 cm to 40 cm. They have a depth of 2 to 5 cm so they are very suitable for wall cladding. They are sold in euro pallet quantities. Their colors vary from grey to beige and mixed.

How to cut and sort the glitz wallstones

The cutting can be done with a power stone cutting tool with water cooling. An alternative option which doesn’t involve cutting the stones is to sort the pieces according to color, thickness and surface.

Time necessary for making a facing with glitz masonry using glitz wallstones

You should plan more time for the cladding process. On average, 2-3 square meters can be completed per day.

Attaching the cut stones to the wall

Залепване на кокалите

Sticking the glitz wallstones to the wall can be done with glue for terracotta, faience, ceramics and granite tiles. Before applying the glue, remember to remove the dust from the surface.

Requirements for the cladding

It is recommended that the wall cladding is installed on top of a water proofing coating or thermal insulation.

It is necessary that the wallstones have even back sides in order to make the process of sticking them next to one another easier.

The glitz wallstones are usually not even, so you will need an appropriate cutting tool.

It is essential to avoid leaving grout lines and space between them, so that the wall will look like it is completely built of stones.

It is recommended to use wallstones with rougher surfaces to achieve an even better natural effect.

If the wall is more than 1 meter tall, you must use a metal mesh attached to the wall.

Avoiding the use of low quality cut stones from gneiss

You can tell if the gneiss is of low quality if it crumbles too much. This crumbling leads to the loss of a lot of material during the work process.

The gneiss blocks and glitz wallstones have a rough texture surface.

How to achieve a maximum impressive effect of the glitz masonry with these wallstones

кокали от гнайс

The beauty of the stone cladded wall, column or fire place is not only due to the natural attractiveness of gneiss, but also because a combination of cut stones with different colors is used. This makes the facing look brighter and more appealing and the colors will flow and bring on an even more natural effect.