Stones for the Construction of Fences

Natural stones like gneiss are used for cladding of buildings, fences, swimming pools, fireplaces, wells, columns – for both external and internal decoration.

Камък за ограда

The main criterion in regards to choosing the right stone is its purpose. Natural stones have different applications depending on their characteristics.

Finishes, used to cover outdoor facades or fences should be frost-tolerant and lighter. The coefficient of water absorption is also of great importance. It is essential that stones with great strength are chosen.

Usually stones, used for cladding, are cut to a thickness of 20mm to 40 mm. Gneiss from Ivaylovgrad possesses exceptional strength and durability, is not affected by the impact of external chemical, physical or mechanical factors or changes color. This makes it the undisputed favorite for the manufacture of flooring and cladding.

облицовъчните камъни

Before proceeding to gluing the cladding stones, please, daub the wall with waterproofing solution; it is require that the solution is at least 2 mm thick if used for fences or walls of buildings and at least 3 mm, if used for walls of swimming pools and other facilities, exposed to greater moisture.

The base of the fence, where the stone will be glued to, should be smooth and even.


Flexible glue should be used for ceramic and other types of cladding, done both indoors and outdoors, as these coatings are exposed to various climatic conditions throughout the year.

The adhesive is to be well shaken in a bowl of water with the help of an electric concrete mixer; please, make sure no lumps remain. Then the glue should be left to “mature” for 5 minutes and stirred again. That way, the optimum consistency for best adhesion is achieved.

Finally, the adhesive should be applied on both the surface of the stone and of the base, in order for the best quality of adhesion to be achieved.

облицовки на огради

Fences and buildings, lined with natural stones, appeal to the senses with their aesthetic appearance and magnificence; every little details on them is unique. It is almost impossible to find another building material with qualities even resembling natural stone. Proof of this are the preserved numerous temples and architectural monuments, built or tiled with natural stones and preserved intact to this day.