How to maintain a stone cladding of gneiss

Not only the strength but also the attractiveness of the natural stone from Ivaylovgrad – gneiss, make it preferred for wall cladding, both interior and exterior. Gneiss is suitable for any room, starting from the living room and ending with the bathroom, in which it is especially attractive to combine the wall cladding with gneiss tiles from Valmarg Stone with accessories such as soap dish and holders for all items also made entirely or partially of this attractive stone material.


каменна облицовка от гнайс


Strength and durability of gneiss

Natural types of stone are strong and durable. This is especially true for the qualities of gneiss, whose resistance to extreme temperatures and water resistance make it the most preferred for exterior cladding of buildings.


Proper gluing of the tiles and grouting

Proper gluing and grouting are important to maintain the strength and appearance of the flooring. It is important to remove any excess glue immediately during gluing. The adhesive then dries and the surface of the tiles may be scratched during removal.


Правилно залепване на гнайс


Sealing the lining with impregnating agent

Impregnation of the cladding is the first mandatory care with which you will preserve the beauty and appearance of the gneiss plates from Ivaylovgrad. If necessary, consult with specialists about the preparation to choose. You can also assign the impregnation itself to them if you are not sure that you will be able to handle this activity.

The impregnation preserves the surface of the tiles and their bright color. In addition, impregnated coatings have a slight sheen.

It is important that the impregnation is not carried out immediately after gluing the cladding tiles. You have to wait at least four weeks after gluing. This period is necessary to allow the moisture to evaporate.

After impregnation, even a small amount of moisture will not be retained on the surface of the cladding, which moisture would create a favorable environment for the development of microorganisms and molds.

The impregnation of the cladding will protect the slabs in case of accidental splashes of various detergents, grease and others.


Запечатване на облицовката


Basic care for gneiss cladding

Basic care must be taken for the cladding material, whether exterior or interior, so that it retains its attractiveness.

First of all, the linings must be cleaned regularly. Even in the interior, the dust in the air is in large quantities. Regular cleaning and vacuuming also reduce its deposition on the natural stone cladding.

It is recommended to wipe the tiles of the inner lining with a damp cloth once a month. You can take care of removing dust and other contaminants from the exterior cladding by washing the tiles.


гнайсови облицовки


When you choose a cladding material, for the exterior walls and for the interior, there is no more suitable choice than Ivaylovgrad gneiss. After performing the lining according to the requirements and cleaning the traces of glue, wait about a month, then apply an impregnating agent. Regular cleaning of the tiles of the cladding – washing with water on the outside and wiping with a damp cloth on the inside, will preserve the appearance of this attractive Ivaylovgrad stone. It is also important when sprayed with grease or other liquid to clean immediately. This way you will enjoy for decades the walls lined with this durable natural material.