When should we choose unformed stone – a gneiss cutting

The benefit of using gneiss cuttings is that you can arrange them together to create a lining or various mosaic surfaces. You can line parts of walls or even entire walls with it.

The gneiss cuttings offered by Valmarg Stone have all the beauty and quality of gneiss stone, so it is worth planning a lining of a wall, part of a wall or column. If you like the idea and have the time – you can do it for all four walls in a room.

The mosaic patterns which you can create with this type of cuttings are very attractive due to the beautiful hues of the gneiss material. It is unique and will help you turn your home into an exceptional one. Thanks to the harness and durability of gneiss, you can also use it to create a lining or mosaic outdoors as well anywhere in your garden, around the pool or on the walls.


гнайс изрезки


Lining a column or another element from your interior or exterior

The lining made of gneiss cuttings will allow you to create the impression that you have solid stone elements in your house or outdoors, such as a fire pit a table and others. The lining of concrete columns, chimneys, fireplace, and others with these cuttings is easy to do and doesn’t require too many additional investments. After they are lined, they look like they are made of natural stone. You can add some furniture made of solid wood and use other decorative elements made of natural materials such as woven rugs, cushions or tablecloths.

How to create a mosaic with gneiss cuttings

You need a base to stick the cuttings on. It is a mesh on top of which you can easily arrange them and stick them with a suitable adhesive material. You will then need to wait for a few days until the glue has completely dried off in order to ensure its stability. It is advisable that you hire experts to arrange and attach the cuttings on your mosaic. They can do that on the spot or at their workshop.  If it is made somewhere else, it needs to be separated into pieces allowing for easy and safe transportation. After that, you can arrange it based on the provided sketch and instructions.

Unformed cuttings are naturally attractive

Since there are rarely perfectly regular forms in nature, especially when it comes to stones, the unformed and uneven shapes of the cuttings have a charming and more natural look. This will make your lining or mosaic even more attractive due to the wide variety of forms and shapes of the cuttings used for their making.

The color hues of our products also attract attention with their silver-grey and golden-beige shine. By combining the different hues you can create truly unique lining or mosaics which will definitely attract the attention and admiration of all the guests to your home.



неоформен камък


You can line large areas at a low price with the gneiss cuttings

We already mentioned the benefits of using gneiss cuttings when it comes to the investments which need to be made mainly due to the fact that they are offered at a lower price. This is why you can use them to cover large areas, whole walls or to create curbs everywhere around your garden or your patio with stone lining in order to add that beautiful natural look and shine of the gneiss.

The thickness of the cuttings is between 1 and 5 cm which is sufficient to create an impressive lining of the surface.