Bring warmth and coziness in home during the winter holidays with gneiss bones

The winter holidays are nearing, and you can create decorations in your home with bones of gneiss, which are cheap and beautiful. They can be used for fast decisions, when you need a refreshment of the walls at home.

декорации с кокали от гнайс

Why gneiss bones

First, the price of those long pieces of  gneiss from Valmarg Stone is the lowest. That way you can prepare the decorations with setting aside some means.

Second, which is even more important, the bones are easier to arrange. They are cuttings with width between 3 and 5 cm , and their length reaches up to 40cm. You can form a curbstone, or arrange them in figures – circle, triangle, star, according to your preferences.

And not at last place, you can choose between the two color schemes of Ivailovgrad gneiss – golden-beige and silver-grey.

You can use them for decoration – revetment of a column, fireplace or a part of a wall. The places, where new applications for them can be found where they can keep making us happy with the coziness they create, are a lot.


Match with a suitable lightning

The lightning with moving brackets and other lamps will easily create the necessary warm atmosphere. Of course, it needn’t be bright and to be put in the right places, so there can be accents on the stone decoration in the room without attracting unnecessary attention.


гнайс за стена

If you already have a gneiss path or a playground in the yard or the garden

More and more families choose natural stones for pavement. Gneiss is at one of the first places by frequency of choice. It is used with the same success for both inner and outer decorations. If you have a shed with barbeque, you can use it successfully during the colder months too as you can put windproof curtains for sheds as a fast and cheap variant.

Universal form from gneiss bones

From gneiss you can design form as a circle or a star, which you can include in the Christmas or the New Year’s decorations, such as garlands, toys, candles. The tea candles are comfortable for arranging in a figure of stone for example. They will throw soft light upon the gneiss surface and will outline the polish of the decorative stones. And the brilliancy is a celebratory element, without it you cannot possibly imagine the celebration of not even one Christmas or New Year’s eve.