How to make a stone mosaic on the wall with gneiss glitz wallstones

You want to decorate your home with a wall mosaic? Here is our beautiful and affordable suggestion

A mosaic is a beautiful decoration suitable for any home. It illustrates the taste of the owners and adds to the beauty and uniqueness of the home. The mosaic can cover an entire wall or just as an edge or as stripes. You can create your own design. We offer an easy and affordable and at the same time impressive and beautiful variant for your project. Take advantage of the beautiful gneiss stone from Ivaylovgrad offered by Valmarg Stone.



Mosaic made of gneiss glitz wallstones

The gneiss from Ivaylovgrad is available in two different hues: golden-beige and silver-grey. Valmarg Stone offers cheap gneiss Glitz wallstones which you can use for your mosaic. These wallstones (bones) are 40cm long and are about 4cm thick and wide.

Choose the color for your mosaic which is more suitable for your interior or exterior depending on where you are planning to place your masterpiece. If you think that it will work, you can combine stones from both hues in one mosaic too. You can test various patterns and combinations before purchasing the wallstones.



кокали гнайс


How to stick the gneiss bones to the wall

In order to ensure that the stone bones are properly attached together and to the wall it is recommended that you stick them on a grid first. Let the mosaic dry completely for about three days before installing it on the wall.

If you are planning on making a large mosaic panel, you should make the different sectors of your composition separately. For example, if you are planning on adding mosaic stipes to your entire wall, you should make them separately and when you install them on the wall the assembly areas will not be visible.



кокали гнайс за стена


Variant for the edges of the mosaic

If your project for a mosaic includes stripes or is rectangular or square, then you must ensure that the mosaic has even edges. For more abstract projects you can combine the original form with uneven edges which can be very attractive as well.

A mosaic for the entire wall

Covering an entire wall with mosaic is a project which will take more time to complete but the end result of the impressive and beautiful gneiss covered surface will be worth it.


гнайс за каменна мозайка


You can combine the shine of the gneiss stone with the shine of transparent small glass pieces on the entire surface. Or you can create colorful accents here and there to your mosaic. For example you can use golden colored stones or glass pieces with the golden-beige hued gneiss glitz wallstones and silver colored stones and glass pieces for the silver-grey colored gneiss bones.

The mosaic covered wall is suitable for the living room, the bedroom, the hallway and for your kitchen. If you are planning on renovating your office, you should consider adding a whole-wall mosaic as well. This element is attractive and suitable for your home, your country house, your office or for any other property where it will become the centerpiece of the interior or exterior design.

Mosaic for a curb or column

Covering columns in your home or office with mosaic is a great idea. You can choose whether you want to cover the entire column or only part of it.


кокали от гнайс за облицовка

You can create your own mosaic project for your fireplace. You can cover it entirely or just the edges surrounding it.

Using mosaic to decorate curbs and edges is also a great idea. You can cover the edge around your walls, or create mosaic from gneiss glitz wallstones to decorate your outdoor space, including the sides of your pathway, on the wall or around your swimming pool by the spillway.