Advantages of gneiss pavement flooring

The pavements are small in size compared to the flooring plates and have the correct shape unlike the large polygonal gneiss slabs. Therefore, they are preferred for pavement floors, yards, watercourse and canals, as well as curbs and canals. They are easy to arrange due to their small size and proper shape. They are laid on a rammed surface and a sand layer is laid on it for drainage, and the floors are arranged on it.

Pavement flooring can also decorate your interior if you choose Valmarg Stone gneiss pavements.


павета от гнайс


Solid and durable pavement

The Valmarg Stone extract Ivaylovgrad gneiss has very good qualities, guaranteeing a solid and robust, resistant to sudden changes in temperature. The stone is extracted from a great depth and this determines its strength.

The moisture resistance of the gneiss extracted by Valmarg Stone is another quality that we can add to the cold resistance. We will emphasize two more qualities of this material: thermal insulation and fire resistance.

Thus, under all weather conditions, gneiss pavement flooring retains its strength and appearance, their surface is not damaged and their color does not deteriorate.

Beautiful appearance of pavement-shaped flooring

The beautiful appearance of the paving floor is due to the two colors that you can choose – golden-white or silver-gray. The natural charm of this stone Ivaylovgrad is in harmony with the desire to return to the original Bulgarian traditions – construction and flooring of natural stone materials.

Both the ordinary gneiss pavements and the curved edges, in the style of antique pavements, are suitable for exterior and interior flooring to capture beauty and style. Depending on the effect you want to achieve, in tune with the exterior or interior, choose a classic paving stones or antique-style ones.


настилка от гнайс от Ивайловград



Choose the right size for the paving stones that are for the flooring

The variety of choice of gneiss pavement flooring stones from Ivaylovgrad is also due to the several sizes we offer:

  • 10×10 cm
  • 12×12 cm
  • 15×15 cm.

Choose from our products the right size according to where you want the flooring to be. Smaller-sized paving stones are suitable for the interior. And for the courtyard flooring, choose large pavements.


павета за настилка


Gneiss pavement flooring will contribute to the merger with the environment

Gneiss pavement flooring for a country house or villa is the best choice. Among its other qualities, which guarantee the stability of the weather and sudden changes in them, gneiss is a natural stone that harmonizes with the natural environment. This will make your country house or villa a beneficial and useful holiday.

Combine gneiss paving stones with other Valmarg Stone flooring products

Choosing the gneiss pavement for the home or outside, in the yard and in the garden will give you a variety of solutions. Combine with other flooring gneiss products, to shape figures in pavement flooring, or alternate stripes of paving stone and cut stone gneiss or bones. So you can create original design and beauty flooring on your own.