Floors with natural stone for heavy loads – parking lots and garages

Parking lots and garages need strong pavements that can withstand heavy loads. Artificial materials for heavy-duty flooring are available on the market, but they cannot be compared to the qualities of natural materials such as gneiss from Valmarg Stone. Choose this flooring material for your garage or parking lot and in addition to great durability and longevity, it will delight you with an attractive appearance. We recommend paving with gneiss pavers.


Настилки с естествен камък за паркинг


Gneiss pavers from Valmarg Stone

The pavers, produced by our company, are in two colors, typical for the gneiss, extracted in the region of Ivaylovgrad. One is golden beige and the other is silver gray. Both colors are suitable for any interior and exterior. Choose your preferred color and preferred paving size.

The sizes in which the pavers are produced are three – 10×10, 12×12, 15×15. The thickness of the pavers is according to your requirements.

If you prefer, you can also order antique-style pavers that have rounded edges. Thus, the flooring of your garage or parking lot will resemble the antique flooring.


павета от гнайс


Strength of gneiss material

When choosing gneiss you should know that the strength of the Ivaylovgrad material makes it suitable for strong and durable flooring and cladding. This is a material that is extremely cold-resistant – it is not damaged in extreme weather conditions. Its surface is not slippery and its water resistance is high, which means that there is no risk of a large amount of water penetrating inside the pavers, which in case of frost will damage the integrity of the material.

All these qualities not only guarantee the strength of your pavement in the long run, but also the convenience of parking your cars.

Gneiss material is fire resistant and resistant to chemicals. These qualities are among the main advantages that make the pavers of this natural stone the most suitable when choosing flooring for parking or garage.


Настилки с естествен камък за гараж


Easy arrangement of pavers

No matter how many advantages a material has, when laying the elements for flooring, it is important that they are easy to arrange. And here the cobblestones offer you comfort. They have the right shape and you will easily arrange them to cover the entire area of ​​the parking lot or garage.

The most typical is the arrangement of pavers in rows and columns. Other preferred embodiments are, for example, in the shape of an arc or in the shape of a fan. Choose your preferred arrangement. In all cases, you will easily form the desired shapes – rows or arcs.


Настилка от гнайс за големи натоварвания


Choice of gneiss for flooring – an ecological choice

The constant desire of people to use more and more natural materials is an expression of care for the environment, keeping to non-pollution with artificial materials. Choosing gneiss pavers for flooring your garage or parking lot is part of the overall care for environmental solutions with the choice of material offered by nature.

The cobblestones of Ivaylovgrad stone will delight you not only with the beauty they give to the flooring and the guaranteed durability of the material, but also with their natural material, with which you do not disturb the exterior, using imitation artificial flooring materials.