8 ideas for cladding of fireplaces

The fireplace is a guarantee for comfort at home, in the cold days and nights. It provides comfort for coffee with family and friends, or for reading. The design itself is just as important as the heat. With proper materials you will achieve the charm of the old-time fireplaces; you will complement in a unique way the interior of the room in a traditional style. It is particularly suitable for the fireplace at home because the fire will bring you back to the old times and the cladding with natural materials will contribute to the ancient appearance of the fireplace. But the modernistic, clean style has its attractiveness. The choice is yours. Here are some ideas for materials for cladding.

Marble cladding

The marble impresses with its colorful drawings. You can choose colors in harmony with the interior of the room. The effect is striking. The natural beauty of the marble as a natural material will decorate the fireplace. Besides the attractive appearance marble has also some other valuable qualities – it is resistant to heat and humidity.

Мраморна облицовка

Cladding with granite

The granite also attracts with diversity of colors, as well as with its strength. The fireplace with granite cladding will retain its attractiveness for many years when it is polished. But even without polishing this material is cleaned and maintained easily. And with granite, you can choose colors according to the interior of the room in which you will build the fireplace.

Облицовка с гранит

Gladding with gneiss

Ivaylovgrad gneiss will also fit into the interior as a cladding for the fireplace. Valmarg Stone offers gneiss in a two color shades – golden-beige and silver-gray. The advantage of this material is not only the natural shine, beauty and strength. You can choose from several options. One of them is cladding with polygonal tiles – with their natural forms, differing as the natural stones in nature, they will bring you back to the old times and will bring their share of coziness and warmth. The cut stone has a regular shape with dimensions from 10 to 30 cm. And for a cheaper, but also impressive result, you can choose cladding with bones. The width of the bones, offered by Valmarg Stone, is from 3 to 5 cm.

Облицовка с гнайс

Cladding with wood

Cladding of fireplaces with wood has retained its popularity. The wood also has the charm of a natural material. By using insulating material under the wooden cladding its appearance will be preserved and it will attract the attention.

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Cladding with glass

For a more modern style of cladding you can choose glass. The formation of glass tiles will reflect the light and the flames, which is its main advantage.

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Combined claddings

Combinations of materials for cladding are increasingly used. Often chosen option is glass with marble or granite. You can choose other combinations, combining colors and striving for more ancient or more modern design.

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Cladding of a fireplace with a niche for firewood

It is convenient the niche for firewood to be at hand. Build it near the fireplace and clad it in the same style. Thus you will achieve a complete ensemble.

Cladding of the fireplace and the wall above it, or the entire wall

For a more original project, continue the cladding over the fireplace itself to get lined strip from the floor to the ceiling. And if you want even more impressive scale and you think that this will fit into the interior, clad the entire side.