A house made of gneiss, wood and glass – for those of you who want a home made of natural materials

Natural building materials will not only bring a unique look to your home but will also ensure that you house is comfortable and cozy. By using natural stone such as gneiss from Ivaylovgrad combined with wood and big windows for all rooms, you can achieve a perfect sense of harmony and attractiveness of the interior and the exterior of your home. More so, your home will be built with eco-friendly, natural materials with no harmful waste left from the construction work.


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Stone and wood – the classic building materials of all ages

Stone and wood are materials which have been used for building houses and other building for ages. They encompass the beauty of natural materials and give the ability of the buildings “to breathe”.

Offers for gneiss and wood for building

If you use gneiss from Ivaylovgrad from Valmarg Stone for decorating your house, it will help bring out the beauty of the natural stone. Choose the hue of the gneiss products which will suit your taste and needs when you use it for cladding or for your flooring. The two available hues are: golden beige and silver grey. They are universal and look great when combined with different colored wood. The flooring will be especially impressive if you make it with gneiss pavers  with a classic “antiquated” form or type.

There are many types of wooden material to choose from such as: European oak, beech, ash, pine and others. Different wooden frames and door sills are also available on the market too.

Use stone wool for insulation

It is strongly recommended to use stone wool for insulating your home. Not only will it provide thermal insulation for your home but will help with sound proofing and fire protection.  So, there are multiple benefits when using stone wool. This material is vapor-permeable, has low hygroscopicity and prevents accumulation of dust and bacteria.

Stone wool is an eco-friendly material which can be recycled. It is made from various volcanic materials and added adhesive components.


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Where to use the stone wool for efficient insulation

You can use stone wool for insulating outdoor or indoor walls, floors, roofs as well as for hanging ceilings.

Inner yard for a big house

If your project is for a big house, it will become even more attractive if you add an inner yard. You can create a beautiful garden area with curb paving stones or gneiss bones. Add a small water fountain, a pool or a small stream with paving and a curb made of gneiss and you will end up with an attractive place for relaxing and for your children.



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Let the light in your living room with wide windows

The windows of the living room must be big. If possible – choose French windows from the floor to the ceiling. The wooden shutters will help protect them when the weather is bad. If your design includes an inner yard, it is a good idea to place windows on both sides – one on the wall facing the garden and the other one on the front of the house.


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The bedroom, kitchen and the wine cellar – all made of wood

You can use different wooden elements and materials when you design and make your bedrooms, kitchen or wine cellar, such as: wooden beds, furniture, cabinets, shelves and barrels in the winery. You can add some traditional elements such as wooden souvenirs, tablecloths and rugs.


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