Gneiss bones for claddings – your solution for original decorations

Gneiss bones, offered by Valmarg Stone, are a cheap solution for cladding, but the effect that you will achieve is impressive. Whether you are planning an internal or external cladding, cladding elements that will break the ordinariness of the fence, or claddings of nooks of the house, the gneiss bones are your decision.

кокали гнайс

Cladding of the fence

Turn the fence into an imposing surrounding masonry with gneiss bones, in one of the two ranges, golden-beige and silver-grey. Thus it will remind the fences of the old-fashioned houses, will stand out and will attract with the created effect of a fence built entirely of natural stones. You can clad parts of the fence to create an attractive decoration – with geometric elements or other forms. Apply your artistic visions and you will get a unique design.

облицовка с кокали

The chimney – not just a chimney, but a decoration of the house

Even if you are not planning cladding with gneiss bones of the exterior walls of your house, the cladding of the chimney it is worth accomplishing. The area which will be cladded, is small, but the effect will be huge, pleasant and will be visible from afar. The chimney will become a decoration of the exterior.

The art of chimney cladding has its original solutions. For example, the cladding of the chimney with gneiss bones can continue downward with a lined stripe with the width of the chimney, starting from the bottom edge and reaching the ground.

облицовка на колони с кокали

Cladding of columns in the home

The columns are just supporting elements. Turn them into outstanding decorations with gneiss bones, covering the whole columns or parts of them. In all cases you will refresh the interior and you will achieve attractiveness. Your guests will notice them immediately. The price of the gneiss bones, offered by Valmarg Stone, allows you to cover the whole columns without turning into a family budget aggravating option.

This creates attractive accents in the interior and is used in public places, for example, in restaurants. Maybe even in the tavern nearby your home you will find columns cladded with bones. See how they refresh the interior and this will inspire you.

колона с кокали

The fireplace – more original with gneiss bones cladding

The fireplace is the spot that will bring comfort, not only in the cold winter days, but in any season, with the fireplace and the shelf on which you can order items in traditional style. Make it even more attractive with gneiss bones cladding. The cladding can be only on the construction of the fireplace itself, but more often are found cladding designs of the entire wall, in which it is embedded. Look for pictures of such claddings – they are impressive.

If your fireplace is on the terrace, you can complete its construction with niches on both sides for storing the firewood. Clad the entire structure with gneiss bones and achieve a unique spirit of antiquity.

The niche for the TV set – with a frame of gneiss bones

The niche for the TV set is not only a place in which to store it for your convenience. It can become an original decoration, a frame for the screen. Achieve this with a frame of gneiss bones. You can make the frame yourself, even if you are not with much experience in the art of “DIY”.