Which is the most suitable stone for barbecue, fireplace, glaze-klin or an oven

The contemporary variants of the fireplace are unalterable companions in the daily life of the families, living in houses with yards. Inside the home, the fireplace gives comfort with the natural warmness of the fire. In the yard, the barbecue, the glaze-klin and the oven are useful for making tasty food – roasted meat, warm bread and other temptations. And to give your appurtenance for heating and roasting an attractive appearance, It’s best to revet it with gneiss from Ivailovgrad.


камък за барбекю

The base of the fireplace, barbecue or the blaze-klin


The construction itself of the appurtenance is pretty heavy, so it’s necessary for you to build a very strong base. It is advised to be from reinforced concrete. The base can be built in such a way that under it – there is niche, in which firewood and coals can be stored.

Additionally, the floor of the fueling camera must be isolated with fireproof slabstones.


камък за камина


What materials are used for fireplace, barbecues, glaze-klins and ovens? 

The materials must be able to stand high temperature, that’s why the Ivailovgrad’s gneiss is suitable for revetment of fireplaces, barbecues and glaze-klins. They are used for fireproof bricks, and in the building is used a special heat-resistant soldering mix. For building a vaulted form are used wedge-shaped bricks.

The fueling camera can be build with concrete, but it has to be special, fireproof and its price is high. Besides that a special casing must be build for the fueling camera. A cheaper decision is pouring a cover of the fireproof concrete for the falls and the vault of the fueling camera.

The natural stone is a steady material, very suitable for building fireplaces, blaze-klins and other appurtenances for heating and roasting.

Another material, used for those appurtenances, is the limestone. He has been used by the Romans for production of the so called Roman cement: they mixed limestone and volcanic rocks to obtain it. The Roman cement was very used in sea underwater constructions, in which under the salted water the mix from limestone and volcanic ash, places in wooden forms, turned in cement.

Today, too, the limestone is widely used for building, and also for objects like fireplaces, barbecues and others, where fires are lighted.



камък за пещ


The solution used for soldering of the bricks and the stones

If you are building barbecue from stones, a soldering mix must be made by cement, clay and sand. The quantity cement must be small, one eight of the volume of the sand. After mixing them, clay is added too. The mix must be homogenous without lumps.


The form and the placement of the fireplace, the barbecue and the blaze-klin

Both the form and the placement of the fireplace depend on the space, you have at your disposal. In case you can’t set aside a special place for a fireplace at home is very suitable to think about a corner fireplace or such one, that can be situated in the wall between two rooms.

In the yard, you can place the fireplace, the barbecue or the blaze-klin in ways you can save space, if it’s necessary. You will practice economy on space, as you build the appurtenance glued to the outside wall.

In dependence of the place and of your preferences to choose the for of the appurtenance. Do not forget, that besides practical, it can have also a decorative purpose. The most popular decision is the vaulted form. She is preferred not only because it remind of the antique fireplaces. The vault is distinguished by a high load-bearing capacity, so you can take the loading of the chimney, you’ll build over it.


гнайс от Валмарг Стоун