Stone Masonry

Where is Stone Masonry Being Used

The stone blocks used in masonry are some of the most sought after stones these days; they are increasingly used for the construction of fences, stairs, different walls and even houses.

палет с камъни за зидане

Up to today, whole villages in the region of Ivaylovgrad and some remote mountainous areas in the Rhodopa Mountains have remained, consisting of houses, built only with this kind of stone. These houses have not changed with time despite the fact they originated more than 100 years ago.


In some countries, the stones are sought after  mostly for the construction of decorative low picket fences between the green areas of the courtyards, which are part of the landscape of the garden.

къмък Ивайловград за зидане

Building Stones from Valmarg Stone

The construction blocks, which Valmarg Stone offers, are being quarried in the village of Kamilski Dol and the village of  Dabovets, both located  in  the municipality of Ivaylovgrad.

Ивайловградски гнайс за зидария

These stones are a type of gneiss but with a marble core. They have the same physico-mechanical properties and advantages of the gneiss but combined with the qualities of the marble.

гнайс за зидария

Their marble composition makes them both durable and easy for usage, as they are “softer” than regular gneiss. As a result, the masonry, built with these stones, is called white masonry due to the light yellowish color of the blocks.

зидария с камъни

Construction stones differ from other gneiss slabs in their greater thickness and height. Their length is not set and their shape resembles a standard brick.

камък за градеж

It is an absolute must that the stones have at least one side with a flat surface, which will act later as the face of the masonry. No other treatment is done after their excavation: as a result, this stone masonry has a preserved natural appearance, similar to the one of the natural stone.

камъни за зидария

From all the products offered by Valmarg Stone, these stones can be used as a perfect substitute of bricks in all their applications. The walls and fences, built with those construction blocks, have the strength of the stones and their natural beauty. These types of constructions are fixed in time and provide comfort and warmth at home.