Stone ideas for the garden

Would you like to turn your garden into a cozy nook which will be your oasis after a hard and tiring day? That is perfectly possible, but even if you maintain the plants in your garden in immaculate condition, sometimes that is not enough. Decorate your garden with taste, by adding a touch of exotics and non-traditional style. Give vent to your creativity and decorate your garden with Ivailovgrad stone, because such stone ideally blends with garden plants and creates a sense of unison with nature.


Below are some suggestions we provide in the hope of provoking your imagination:


Build a rockery. The most important elements needed to obtain a really beautiful spot are interesting stones which have to be massive ones. Use several well formed stones. You can spread gravel around the plants. To create a rockery in the garden, it is better to use sloping ground. But if you have no sloping areas in your garden, then create one. However incredible that may sound, here again stones come to the assistance.

алпинеум от камъни

Use river stones and turn your garden into a picturesque spot, where you will delight in unwinding and will blend with nature. Build a small fountain or a stone waterfall in your garden.
ландшафт с речни камъни

Improve the interior of your garden with stone benches; preferably, to add softness to their natural look, you should line them with cushions or some suitable upholstery to ensure comfort.
Build a stone pathway, because it is very important for the overall ambience, and with it the garden assumes a finished look. Don’t take great pains to make it straight as the crow flies, and do not forget that a winding pathway which does not follow ideal standards will contribute to the fulfillment of your cherished goal.


пътечка от камъни

Get closer to nature without the elegance of modern design, building stone stairs that will add charm to your garden. Do not aspire to perfect shapes that you see in magazines for decoration.

If you want to create additional comfort in your garden, you can build a fireplace with several large stones that will warm you in cool weather or you could use it as a barbecue. This will not only bring a comfort but also style to your home and garden.

You can divide not only the garden, but also your yard to individual zones, again with the help of the stone. With it you can safely enclose your yard outside, but if there is a slope, you could use it to build retaining walls for terraces.

камък от Ивайловград за градината


Another completely feasible idea is to create a cozy nook with tables and chairs or benches, where you can welcome your guests and enjoy the beauty that you have created. Or you can get away from everyday life and relax in the beautiful piece of nature, located in your home.


каменни идеи

To improve the interior in your garden, use river stones, and arrange them around the flowers. If you have flowers in individual flower pots, they will chime with nature if you put the pots on a layer of river stones. If you do not have flower pots, you can arrange the stones in such a manner that they will add attractiveness to your outdoor space.
We hope we have helped you with our ideas of decorations. Do not forget to get beyond stereotypes, and you will be surprised by the results. Get close to nature, give vent to innovative spirit and decorate your garden with style: invite coziness and harmony into your home.
Do not forget that gneiss is precious not only as building material, but also as stones that very well fit the garden landscape. You just need good ideas and creative inspiration, in order to create your unique, exclusive and one-of-a-kind stone fairy tale in your garden.