Glitz Rocks – What do We Know about Them

In order for a tiling to be no only strong but also beautiful, we usually choose glitz stones, created from gneiss from Ivailovgrad.

облицовка от глиц камък

What is a Glitz Stone?

A glitz stone is actually a battered gneiss stone, embossed from the front, so its patterns and shades of color stand out more. The deeper the battering, the greater the effect.

How to Discern Quality Gneiss?

When choosing gneiss stones from different manufacturers and suppliers, please, note whether the stone has smooth sides. Low quality gneiss does not have a  smooth side.

The surface of quality gneiss is smooth and strong, while the surface of the low quality stones is rough and textured and easily crumbles.


глиц камъни от гнайс

What is the Difference between Low Quality Gneiss and Glitz Rocks?  

Both stones have uneven and rough surfaces; while this surface is natural for the low quality gneiss and easily crumbles, the surface of the gneiss for glitz masonry is achieved with battering and even then, it remains strong and doesn’t crumble.

What are Glitz Rocks Useful For?  

Glitz rocks are mainly used for internal and external tilings; walls and columns tiled with glitz stones resemble the effect of natural masonry and the color of the stones stand out more.

What Size are Those Rocks?

The dimensions of the glitz rocks range from 10 to 20 cm while their length varies.  When picking the stones, you should  consider the area you will place those stones at. The rule is: for larger areas, choose stones with larger size, and for smaller areas -stones with smaller size. Of course, you can always further cut the stone, if needed.


глиц камъни за облицовкаа

How Can We Be Sure that we Buy the Glitz, not the Low Quality  Gneiss Stones?

If you do not have a deep understanding of  gneiss and its qualities, you can easily be deceived by the appearance of certain marketed products. Glitz stone is obtained only by high quality gneiss, possessing the characteristics of the gneiss from Ivaylovgrad; that is, with good parameters, regarding strength and durability of external physical and mechanical effects.

The best way is to contact a certified manufacturer directly – one that you are sure works with this type of ceramic stones.

Valmarg Stone is specialized in processing of glitz rocks from gneiss from Ivaylovgrad, so we would love to advise you in your quest for finding the perfect stones.

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