The Ivaylovgrad stone water garden – for outdoor relaxation

We are becoming growingly reliant on the natural beauty, including natural stone, flora, fountains and ponds placed in all parts of our homes, in order to add more freshness and calmness in our busy lives. The water pools, fountains and streams surrounded by beautiful plants can become the centerpieces of the much sought for water gardens – combining beautiful plants and flowers with water structures. You can also plant some bamboo for an added Asian effect in your water garden

The gneiss slates, cut stones and glitz wall stones made of Valmarg Stone’s Ivaylovgrad gneiss can be combined perfectly with any kind of plant and with all water structures, including: fountains, streams and ponds.


 поточета с камъни в градината

When your outdoor space is limited

If your yard or terrace is small, you can build a small water garden, with a rectangular pond in the middle. The plants which you choose to surround it depend on your personal preferences. You can build a small waterfall on one side of the pool and use gneiss cut stones to create a stylish edging of your pond or pool.  Our antique gneiss cut stones are perfect for creating an antique look for your water garden, and with the help of some cladding made of natural stone, with grass growing in between the stones, you can give your garden an old traditional Bulgarian look.

Whether you choose running or static water is up to you

Water gardens can feature both compositions with streams, waterfalls and other running water, or static water in ponds and pools. It is entirely up to you to choose the perfect design of your water garden to fit your taste and preferences. You can include all family members in the planning of the new water garden, or you can hire a professional to design and create your perfect water garden.


 Водна градина

The bottom of your water garden pool or pond

Pools are built with a concrete bottom and sides, which can easily be cladded with natural stones. If you have a smaller poo or pond, you can use gneiss wall stones for the cladding, while as for bigger pools – the gneiss slates are more suitable. For an added effect you can clad your pool or pond with gneiss cut stones, with a beautiful gneiss cut stone edging.


 басейн с камък

If you have a pool in your garden or other outdoor space

If you are one of the growing number of people who have pools in their gardens, you can become one of the first to add a water garden to it for an impressive effect. The garden can be located right next to the pool, or you can add a separate small water garden to another location or corner of your garden. You connect your water garden to your pool with a wide or narrow stream or canal for a more impressive effect.

The shape of the pool or pond depends on your taste. It can be round, triangular, leaf-shaped or other.

The canal which connects the garden to your pool can be complemented with a wooden bridge or miniature bridges and houses, depending on its size and width. You can build your miniature houses with gneiss cut stones with roofs made of gneiss glitz stones. By drawing small windows and doors on your decorative stone house you can create some impressive small stone houses for your outdoor space. This is something which your children will enjoy designing, making and playing with later.


 езеро с естествен камък

Gneiss stone compositions for your water garden

The compositions made of stone will help you create a unique and different water garden for your outdoor space. You can add a composition made of gneiss slates installed like stairs on a small hill among which a miniature stream can flow. You can also make stone benches cladded with gneiss slates which are the perfect finishing element for your beautiful water garden.


 водопад с басейн от камък