Rockery on the balcony with Ivaylovgrad stone

If you have a yard, you can build a rock garden in it. This is a corner that combines the stark outline of the rocks and the beauty of the flowers, contrasting with their rough outline. But if you don’t have a yard, you can create such a beautiful corner on the balcony as well. Good scale planning and material collection is required. As for the rocky part, count on the beauty of Ivaylovgrad stone. Choose slabs that are not massive so that the corner does not weigh too much – this can cause problems, such as cracking the balcony slab. Polygonal plates, and especially gneiss bones, which are small and easy to arrange, are very spectacular.

Алпинеум на балкона с камък Ивайловград


It is important to provide good waterproofing

The soil should be light and for drainage we recommend pumice or other lightweight polymeric materials. You can also put quality waterproofing materials. Така няма да се задържа влага.

The construction of the structure

When building a rock garden, it starts with laying a pad that insulates. You can use a plastic canvas or a rubber pad. The drainage layer is placed on the substrate and the soil is poured on and formed. The arrangement of stone elements and plants follows.

The stone decoration of the balcony rock garden

For decoration, you can use gravel, especially if you have any amount left over after repairs. But we recommend that you rely on the beauty of the Valmarg Stone gneiss.  The rock garden should be attractive, and the sparkling surface of the gneiss, in one of the colors of your choice – golden-white or silver-gray, is incomparable in effect with ordinary stones. Also, put some solar lamps in the right places to allow the gneiss to shine in the evening.

Formation of the part of the wall above the rock garden

The wall above the rock garden structure can fit in a very attractive and natural way into the corner. One option is to cover with polygonal slabs of Ivaylovgrad gneiss, among which to provide moons for lighting.

Another option we offer is to plant pots or pots with plants that also rest on rootstocks shaped like rocky parts of the rock garden. This is also where the decorative fountain is, especially if your rock garden is small.


гнайс от Валмарг Стоун


Small size rock garden

If you feel that you will not be able to cope with waterproofing, it is preferable to have a small rock garden in a crate, wooden sack or other container filled with soil to build the structure. You can tile with gneiss ivaylovgrad to cover the wood or plastic and match the stone tile with the rock garden arrangement.

An original option is to use a cap that you can combine and connect appropriately. Another option is to form many shallow gabions on which to stack the pots. Any combination of stones and vegetation is appropriate, but again we remind that the stone material should not be in very large quantities to not weigh on the construction of the balcony.

The plants in the balcony rock garden

If you have cacti at home, move them to the newly built corner. They will fit very well into the rock-soil composition. You can also choose other plants by matching your choice to whether the balcony often has sunshine or whether it stays mostly in the shade.


камък за алпинеум