Decorative retaining wall with building stones

Retaining walls are an element applied in sloping terrain. They have been used for centuries. They also become a decorative part of the yard when they have a suitable construction with an attractive appearance. Attractiveness of your retaining wall gives masonry stone by Valmarg Stone.


Декоративна подпорна стена


Dry masonry or use of mortar

Dry masonry is a design in which the stones of the fence are arranged without adhesive material. You have to rely on good masons, because in case of poor performance the wall will not be strong and will not withstand the pressure of the slope and the weather conditions. This is a suitable way to build if you want good drainage, especially if your property is in an area with groundwater.

It is easier to choose masonry with adhesive mortar. And in this way, there are specifics. The solution must be selected correctly to ensure the durability of the retaining wall.

The masters of retaining walls masonry offer a third way – with a concrete layer to which natural stone slabs are attached. The fastening is with mortar, but only from the concrete layer. On the other side, only the sides of the slabs not glued with mortar are visible. Thus, on the one hand, the desired decorative effect is achieved, and on the other hand, a firm fastening of the tiles is ensured. So you can build decorative walls at the base of slopes – hills or mounds, as they are the only decorative elements or mark a garden fence or water decorative decoration – most often a waterfall.



Retaining wall as part of the fence

When your yard includes sloping terrain, part of the fence will be on a slope and in addition to marking the boundaries of the yard, it will have to play the role of a retaining wall.

The lower part of the fence should be built as a strong supporting barrier, so that in sloping sections the fence will have a greater height than in flat parts.


Подпорна стена като част от оградата


Retaining wall on a slope in the yard

If your property is in an area with uneven terrain, you can turn this into a plus with proper planning of decorative elements in the yard.

If the slope starts behind the house and there is a large distance to the fence, build retaining walls on both sides. In addition to an additional supporting function, they can serve as a basis for decorations – pots or boxes with flowers on them, or inserted holders for torches or candlesticks.

The children’s playground with a slide for the use of a slope in the yard will also be effectively combined with a retaining wall with stones for construction from Ivaylovgrad. It can be in the form of a curb around the slope, interrupted in place for the bottom of the slide.


Подпорна стена на наклон в двора


Folk-style recreation area with retaining wall

Use the retaining wall of the slope as part of a recreation area fence. If there is enough space above the slope, you can build a gazebo in a traditional style. Steps next to the gazebo, also lined with decorative stones, will add a lot of charm. Another option is for the living area to be downstairs and for the hill to be a garden area with many flowers.

The retaining wall, as a solid supporting element, can serve as one of the most attractive elements in your yard. Plan well where you will place it and how you will shape it. With lining of Ivaylovgrad gneiss it will shine in silver-gray or golden-beige and will give a natural appeal.


Кът за отдих в битов стил с подпорна стена