Terracing the yard with natural stone

Terracing is necessary when the plot has a slope, especially when the slope is greater. This is typical for the terrains in the mountainous areas, but it can also be found in semi-mountainous hilly areas. Terraces can help divide the yard into parts. Each part can be shaped with different flowers or different vegetables. And the terracing stone fences will clearly distinguish the parts. In addition, the terracing facilitates movement by leveling the terraces and by several steps between each of the two terraces.

Терасиране на двор с камък

How many terraces are needed

There is no strict rule for the number of terraces. You can form larger terraces, with a wider width, and then more steps will be needed between them. The narrower terraces will allow you to form more parts, which is convenient if you want to plant more types of flowers or vegetables; then fewer steps will be needed between two terraces. Of course, you can only design green areas on each of the terraces, with seating areas on a terrace of your choice.

More terraces are preferable on steeper terrain. This will not create a risk of destruction of some of them due to landslides, in heavy rain for example.

The size of the terraces depends on what they will be used for. Narrow terraces are also suitable for planting flowers, vegetables and grass. For a recreation area, a larger playground is needed, i.e. a terrace with a larger width. For a playground, choose a lower terrace so that there is no risk of injury if you fall.

как да терасираме двора

Do not resort to concreting the terraces or to distinguishing concrete fences

Concreting seems to be a very easy solution. It is also the cheapest. But this will reduce the proximity to nature, to the natural environment and materials.

Increasingly, people are returning to natural materials. The distinguishing fences and steps between the terraces, lined with natural stone, fit harmoniously into the natural environment – greenery, trees, grove and hills. These stone fences and steps harmonize with green lawns, flower beds, vegetable beds, as well as a rest area lined with the same type of stone.

камък за терасиране

Fences and steps made entirely of natural stones or lined with such stones

The best option is the fences on the terraces and the steps between them to be made entirely of natural material – the most spectacular is Ivaylovgrad gneiss stone . But if your budget is limited, you can build concrete fences and steps and line them with gneiss slabs. 

гнайс за терасиране

Facing with polygonal slabs, cut stone or bones

Polygonal slabs, which have a natural shape, fit more naturally into the natural environment. And for easier arrangement you can prefer cut gneiss stone from Valmarg Stone.  

The cheapest option is lining with so-called bones. They are elongated pieces, up to 40 cm long and between 3 and 5 cm wide. Their thickness is 4 cm.

Choose from the two colors of Ivaylovgrad gneiss material – silver gray or golden beige.

камък за терасиране

Lining of the recreation area with gneiss

A very beautiful option is to line the recreation area with gneiss, if you have planned a table and benches. And if you have built a site on which to build a fireplace and a recreation area around it, cover the site with gneiss flooring.

настилка с гнайс

Plan and provide the materials first

The planning of the terraces, their number and width and the steps between them is important in order to calculate the required amount of stone for their construction or lining. The offered gneiss from the products of Valmarg Stone is in pallets, which are convenient for transportation and delivery. The material is of high quality, which facilitates all activities for the construction and design of the terraced yard. And the gneiss material will give additional beauty to the whole exterior of the yard.