Five important rules to forming the yard with stone

The forming of the yard may seem an easy task, but as other tasks, it also requires planning. When you have a clear conseption, you are able to see how well the different elements match and change some things if they aren‘t harmonic.

облицовки с ивайловградски гнайс

Where do you start

Your whole yard has to look nice and inviting for relaxation and delight with beautiful flowers. To make it such, you have to plan the things first. Don‘t make the mistake of buying the materials first and figuring out how to use them later.

With a suitable design you can hide some disadvantages of the terrain and turn them into benefits – for example the hillock can be turned into an attractive colourful figure. And the furrow or the groove you can revet with Ivailovgrad gneiss and flow some water, which can not only make you happy with it‘s murmur, but also can be used for watering.

Rule number one – combine the nature with your design

In the beginning advices, we already gave you ideas. And now let‘s continue with some more. If your terrain is stony, this is great for making your yard type rock-garden. If the whole place is greenery, leave it and in the yard, you can plant colourful spots – chests and flower-beds with flowers. Even the inclined terrain can give you the opportunity for interesting decisions, using the nature – with terrace-like placed flower-beds with attractive forming of frames around them, using gneiss from Ivailovgrad.



гнайс от Валмарг Стоун за настилки

Rule number two – balance in everything: colours, heights, textures

Your design has to be balanced. Combine the colours in such a way that you match them according to the rules. This doesn‘tapply only to the flowers, which you will plant, but it‘s also about the elements, which you are thinking of painting. Don‘t forget that neutral flowers such as golden-beige and silver-grey, that has gneiss from Valmarg Stone, are universal in matching.

The height has to be balanced, but too tall elements are not recommended. The tallest, such as chests, plants and etc. Is well to be in the ends. In the central part arrange elements with short height.


гнайс от Ивайловград за стъпала

Rule number three: estimate how planting new plants will effect the systems in your home

The planting of new plants can have it‘s effect on your home systems. This is about the roof materials, if you are building a roof garden. If you are planning of planting trees, how will that affect the canalization, because with the time the roots can penetrathe through her and damage the pipes.

Rule number four: you must not block the sunlight

The sun rays are refreshing for the plants, that‘s why when building decorative separating walls from Ivailovgrad stone and when planting big plants, they must not be in the sun’s way of shining on other plants.


стена от ивайловградски камък

Rule number five: use as much space as you could in your yard

When using all the parts of the yard, to create your design, there will be harmony as a result, out of which there will be no outside elements. We recommend you for example curbstones with bones gneiss, which are easy to arrange and the glimmer of the gneiss material will unite the elements of the yard. Another decision with natural stone is building water elements, benches, paths – the greenery and the flowers together with the natural stone material will make an attractive whole.


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