Composition of gazebo and decorative pond with rocks gneiss

Gazebo and pond with Ivaylovgrad stone – a different and more attractive playground in the yard

Gazebo in the yard or garden is a necessary element to provide cozy comfort for rest and shelter from sun and rain. Be sure to add a water facility to it. Its size depends on the size of the field, as well as the relief. For sloping terrain is very suitable waterfall with stream. And on any terrain you can top up with a little a pool – pond.


камък гнайс за градинско езеро


Use gneiss for tiling and flooring the pond

Gneiss is an Ivaylovgrad stone, which is very suitable for exterior cladding and flooring because of its strength. This feature is complemented by its natural beauty. Select one of two shades that offer – Golden-beige or silver-gray.

Gneiss paving is with free length of the plates with a thickness between 3 and 5 cm and width of the plates is 40 or 35 cm. These dimensions are suitable for flooring.

Lining the outside can be filled with gneiss clippings, which are a free length and width, and thickness is between 1 and 1.5 cm.

Another suitable form of gneiss Valmarg Stone, that is offered is bones. These pieces gneiss have a thickness of 4 cm, the width is between 3 and 5 cm, and length up to 40 cm. They shall be arranged easily and create the illusion of a wall constructed entirely of natural stone.


камъни за облицовка


The beauty of the pond

The small pond near the gazebo with beautiful natural stone, is a natural complement to the gazebo for relaxing views. Surrounded by ornamental plants, it will offer hours of relaxation with green and flower colors of vegetation . Natural materials for cladding will make this type of water facility more natural, as if created by nature itself.


камъни за езеро


The big lake can be complemented with a fountain

The fountain is very spectacular and if you have enough space to build large lake in the garden, its worth predicting a facility fountain. The sound of the water and the view of the falling spray will contribute to a more complete relaxation.


фонтан и езеро с камъни


Decorative pieces around the pond

Suitable decorative figures will give completion of the corners of the pond. In the shops you can find figures of various animals. Even more interesting would be if you have the skills to shape a small pieces of Ivaylovgrad gneiss.

Pots and jars are also well suited to complement the layout around the pond and inside. The scattered on the bottom parts of vessels (if you have any broken ones) will remind bottom of a natural basin.


гнайс камък за декоративно езерце


The lighting around the pond

Lighting is very important to highlight the beauty and brilliance of the Ivaylovgrad stone used. Scattered around the pond lights will throw enough light to make gneiss shine with sparkling beauty. With built-in lights that illuminate the bottom you will also achieve beautiful sight when it gets dark.


градинско езерце с камъни гнайс


Shape a path from the pond to the gazebo and to the house.

Against the background of grass-covered terrain very spectacular look paths of stone gneiss. They are suitable for passing and will complement the layout of the corners of the pond.

Any water facility complements the courtyard and gives the comfort, needed for the hours of rest. Build a pond at the gazebo and make it uniquely beautiful using gneiss from Ivaylovgrad.


пътеки с настилка от камък