Gneiss for a lake cascade in the garden

The water facilities in the garden are always desired and create a uniqueness that predisposes to relaxation and pleasant rest. They can be large or small, depending on the space and the plan you have for your water facility.

Гнайс за езерна каскада


The pond – easy to make and effective with gneiss lining

Even a small pond will bring mood to the garden. The gneiss cladding by Valmarg Stone will make it a unique jewel. Choose the preferred color of this gneiss material – golden beige or silver gray.

You can make your job even easier if you use a car tire.


Каскада от езерца с камък


A cascade of ponds

This expression sounds impressive, but in practice the realization of the idea is easy. And here you can use tires to shape the curbs of the ponds of the cascade. It will be more interesting if you use tires of different diameters – from a small car, from a large car and from a tractor. A group of three ponds is most suitable. If you have a lot of space, you can form the cascade with more ponds.

With the provision of tires, the main boundaries for the cascade will be at your disposal. When arranging for the top pond, use the smallest tire, and for the bottom – the largest.

To have a cascade, you need to choose a part of the garden with a slope. If you do not have such a section, shape it from soil or with accumulated stones.


езеро от автомобилна гума


Bottom insulation

The bottoms of the ponds must be insulated so that they do not leak water. Look for suitable material. There should be a sand layer under the bottom for drainage.

Water supply or filling – you choose

The water cascade of ponds is very attractive if the water drains from the top pond to the next, and then to the third. For this, however, you need to connect to the water supply. Contact a master to make the appropriate connections.

It is easier to fill the ponds with water by hand. If you have young children, this may be their duty. It will give them a lot of pleasure.


езеро с облицовка от гнайс


Decorative gneiss curbs and additional flooring

Hide the tires under attractive curbs, lined with natural stone. Clippings or gneiss bones are very easy to arrange. The bones are about 3 cm wide and up to 40 cm long.

In addition to the curbs, you can add slabs of Ivaylovgrad gneiss for paving around the ponds. This will make the complex even more attractive.

Flowers around the cascade

In the garden you can not do without flowers. Especially around life-giving facilities, such as your new cascade. You can plant flowers in a circle, put a few pots or boxes. Try several placements to choose the right combination.

цветя за езеро

Decorative figures

There is no more beautiful composition than the combination of water facilities, beautiful cladding, flowers and decorative figurines. In the shops you will find a variety of figures for decorating the garden and corners as the one with the cascade of ponds – animals, dwarfs and others.

One option is to choose a figure to place next to each pond in the cascade. The other is to scatter the figurines in places of your choice among the flowers.

Enjoy your new attractive water facility – the cascade of ponds, the colors of the flowers around them and the overall composition created by yourself. Have a nice rest!