Artistic figures made of natural stone for garden decoration

The garden is a place for rest and relaxation. Its beauty is built with lots of greenery and flowers, as well as additional decorations. Natural materials blend well with the greenery to create a decorative relief.

Ivaylovgrad natural stone is not only a suitable material for recreation areas and barbecues. With natural stones you can create unique decorations – figures of animals, flowers, mushrooms and others to decorate the garden in a unique way.

Артистични фигури от естестевен гамък

Body shaping

Based on the size of the stones, you can decide what figures you will shape. If the stones are small, you can arrange them in an elongated shape to make a caterpillar, lizard, dragonfly, snake. Additionally, you need to use other materials to add details, such as tentacles, wings and more. The small stones can also be arranged in the shape of flowers.

цветя от камъни

If the stones are large, you can shape a turtle, bear, kitten, dog, bird such as a swan or a duck. Each stone will give you an idea of what figure to create, based on its shape.

камък Ивайловград за градина

It is very easy to create decorative mushrooms from decorative stones. Choose an elongated stone for stump and a rounded one for the mushroom cap.

With a round stone and wire you can also shape snails.

фигури от камък

Use metal elements to shape the details

You can shape elements such as tentacles, a bird’s neck or a tail from metal strips. Fasten them properly, with cement or glue. Metal particles can also be used for animal nails.

декоративни фигури от камък

Metal strips are also suitable for flower stalks and animal body parts.

животни от камък

Spots and eyes – painted, made of pebbles or glass

You can paint the spots on the mushroom caps and the spots on the butterfly wings, or arrange small stones instead. Glass elements are another attractive option for marking the spots.

The small stones will easily shape the animal’s eyes. If necessary, paint them.

Glass balls are very suitable for the eyes of an animal. And if it is difficult to attach pebbles or balls, it may be more appropriate to draw eyes.

пеперуди изградени с камъчета и стъкло

Fabulous decorative stone houses

A challenge worth accepting is building fabulous stone houses. One option is to build them from small pebbles. For the purpose you can use gneiss bones for the walls and slabs for the roof. In front of each house you can form a corner with a table and benches, also of bones or gneiss cuttings. This way your children will be happy to play in the garden and will feel like in a world of fairy tales.

замък от камъчета

To include the children and their talent in the decorations, you can shape individual stones as houses by painting them doors, windows and roof. You can also complement these constructions with elements of glass or metal to add details and make them more attractive.

декоративен замък от камъни

The decorative figures in the garden, created as a product of your and your children’s artistic talent, are worth the effort and time you will spend. With them your garden will be uniquely decorated.