Delivery of pallets Ivaylovgrad gneiss to the whole country

The gneiss stone Ivaylovgrad has its many admirers who enjoy flooring, cladding and decorative elements of this beautiful natural material. For all those who plan to buy Ivaylovgrad gneiss, we offer convenient and affordable deliveries of your chosen types: cut stone, polygonal gneiss slabs and others.

Our offers include both deliveries of small quantities and large quantities of gneiss material. When ordering express deliveries, we organize them quickly to meet the needs of applicants.

палети Ивайловградски гнайс

How pallets with gneiss material are delivered

  • For orders of small quantities and for orders of express deliveries

Deliveries of material on such orders are made mainly with two courier companies – “Speedy” and “Transpress”, but we can arrange deliveries through other suppliers to destinations across the country.

Delivery time is up to 3 working days.

  • For orders of large quantities of gneiss material

For customers who order large quantities of gneiss from Valmarg Stone, we arrange deliveries with a preferred shipping company.

доставка на гнайс палет

Request delivery of gneiss and indicate the delivery address

When you need gneiss for flooring, cladding, walls, decorative elements, simply indicate the type of gneiss material, the quantity, the preferred delivery time and the address to which you want this delivery to be made.

We will immediately organize the arrangement of the material on pallets, loading and delivery with your preferred forwarder.

палети с гнайс

Save yourself the search for a courier company for delivery when buying gneiss

If you buy Ivaylovgrad stone from us and decide to organize delivery yourself, contacting different companies and comparing their prices and delivery conditions, you will waste time and make unnecessary efforts.

Deliveries when ordering gneiss from Ivaylovgrad, which you bought from us, organized by us, will save you time, effort and money – the prices for deliveries organized by Valmarg Stone are more favorable.

Make a request for the gneiss material you need and we will take care of organizing the arrangement on pallets, loading, as well as organizing the delivery to the address you specified.

Why the prices of the deliveries we organize are more profitable

Our company is located at an important transport hub – on the international road that connects Bulgaria with Greece and Turkey. In this way many deliveries are made, and with a larger number and frequency of deliveries the prices decrease.

If we organize loading of a truck without a trailer, it can load between 10 and 12 pallets. The price of transportation with such a truck is BGN 1.50 per kilometer.

For larger quantities, deliveries are made by trucks with trailers. They can load up to 22 pallets. The price of transportation for trucks with trailers is a bit higher – BGN 2 per kilometer.

If the distance to the final destination is large, and if it is necessary to do more than one course, drivers offer discounts. And with return courses, the price can be reduced even more.

The gneiss from the Ivaylovgrad region meets the need to use natural materials for both the interior of the home and the exterior.

Contact us and order the quantity you need and enjoy beautiful cladding, flooring, paths, curbs, garden corners and other places in the home that will shine with the beauty of gneiss, ordered and received with convenient pallet supplies and affordable prices from Valmarg Stone.